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Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival is an online battle royale game. You can join a team or work alone to defeat other players and complete objectives. Commandeer vehicles and scavenge for better weapons as the play area gradually shrinks.

Battle royales 

Ever since PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) created, then dominated, interest in huge multiplayer shoot-em-ups games, the ‘battle royale’ genre has spawned countless imitators. Some, like Free Fire, have gone on to forge their own path. The Chinese-developed Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival tries to follow in their footsteps but can’t quite compete.

Fight For Survival

Every match in Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival starts the exact same way - players parachute down to an island. This is also how many other battle royale titles start. It shows you the lack of imagination in Hopeless Land.

Once you’ve landed, you have to navigate a bland, almost-desolate island to find supplies and survive against other players. There are empty buildings you can hide in or climb. In this case, the third-person perspective helps you get the lay of the land and try to spot other players.  


Matches can feasibly contain 121 players. The invisible wall that denotes the game area shrinks overtime to make it harder to evade each other. The ability to use vehicles, including helicopters and boats, adds a bit of excitement to the game, but otherwise, you’re either camping out waiting to snipe everybody or running for your life from higher-level players. 

You earn experience by killing other players and completing different goals you can achieve by playing alone, with another person, or as part of an eight-person squad. The controls are relatively smooth, but the user interface soon gets cluttered, making the game frustrating to play on a mobile phone.

Our take

As Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival does everything you’d expect from a battle royale game, but there are no surprises. If you’ve played a similar game, this title is more or less the same. It’s fun in short bursts but ultimately doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Should you download it?

No. Although the game’s file size is a pleasingly small 350MB, there are much better battle royale games available, also for free.


  • Standard battle royale action


  • Dated graphics
  • Cluttered user interface
  • Not innovative in any way

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Hopeless Land Fight for Survivalfor Android


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