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Rope Hero: Vice Town by Naxeex Ltd is a free Android action game. You become the nominal Rope Hero, an experimental subject with erased memories. Your costume gives you superpowers, which you use together with your trusty climbing rope, to explore, complete missions, and work to recover your mind.

Superheroes and crime

Like Retro City Rampage, this game derives its main premise from open-world titles such as Grand Theft Auto. However, its rope mechanics draw inspiration from Spiderman, adding a cartoonish charm to the gameplay.

The main storyline comes as a series of missions, but the narrative isn’t that well-developed. The entertainment stems from action and movement, giving you the freedom to roam across the city looking for the next thing to do.

Exciting gameplay

The open-world map you’ll traverse is massive, at least for mobile game standards. There’s a lot of gameplay variety, from RPG elements to third-person shooting and superhero-style stunts.

Although the design appears somewhat dated, your superpowers make the action super-exciting. You can move seamlessly through or on top of buildings, jump, land, and always be in the right place at the right time. 

If you don’t feel like swinging, pick up a bike, plane, tank, or helicopter. Different vehicles fit various missions, so consider what you’re doing before setting out to catch the bad guys. 

Sci-fi arsenal

The game store comes with a varied selection of weapons and equipment at your disposal. You can get an edge over your opponents by equipping yourself beforehand with a simple skateboard and parachute or even a jet pack and glider. 

The weapons have a sci-fi flavor. You’ll find items such as a freezer, a gravitation gun, a flamethrower, and a dance rifle. There are just-for-fun pieces, including a selfie stick to capture interesting in-game moments and share them with friends. 

Our take

Overall, Rope Hero: Vice Town doesn’t take itself seriously, and neither should the player. When you eliminate in-depth storyline expectations, you’re left with an addictive, fun title for anybody to enjoy. 

Should you download it?

Yes. Despite its disjointed narrative, this game offers hours of lighthearted fun, especially for superhero enthusiasts.


  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • Varied quests and missions
  • Fun equipment pieces


  • Lacks a narrative structure
  • Dated map design

Rope Hero: Vice Townfor Android


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