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Freemium multiplayer third-person shooter

Finnish developer Supercell published this hero shooter game so you can battle friends in a team setting. Contest maps with a team of three as you scour the terrain for coins and gems. 

Select your battle character, and deal damage to the opposing team or players. Brawlers have abilities, and rewards are earned as you progress.  

Brawlers, abilities, and action

Each character has four distinct abilities. The fights are played out on battle arenas of teams of three to win trophies, passes, and boxes. You can grab friends to join you in an onslaught against another group or fight against the AI opponents. Acquiring trophies from matches unlocks the Trophy Road where you earn rewards from coins, to other fighters. 

Online economy

You’ll collect trophies to increase your ranking and unlock the Trophy Road. Furthermore, you’ll release new fighters, gain additional coins and find brawl boxes on the road. Brawl-boxes act like loot chests in other games. Boxes give you bonuses that multiply your rewards. 

Software requirements

The app is large at about 150Mbs but does offer frequent software updates to ensure that your gaming experience is uninterrupted. Android version 4.3, Jelly Bean, is a minimum requirement for the app to run on your device. 

Our take

Battling with these characters is addictive. It offers you hours of fun while trying to build your avatar powers. If you are impatient to level-up, you can purchase upgrades through the in-app offers. Global tournaments make this title highly engaging. Apart from the brawlers, and 4 game modes to choose from, there are over 87 million players worldwide. Global competitions give you the chance of actually winning prize money. Brawl Stars is an epic game and will give you days of top-notch entertainment similar to Clash of Clans.

Should you download it

You should definitely download this epic third-person shooter.  The app is brilliant. Get it soon.


  • Playing online makes challenges worthwhile
  • In-app purchases are made effortlessly
  • AI engine allows you to learn skills
  • Constant updates


  • The application size is massive for smartphones

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Brawl Starsfor Android


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