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Free endless runner game

Whether you're a zombie game enthusiast or love playing platformers, Zombie Tsunami endless runner will get your energy up. Although this free game isn't as sleek as Alto's Odyssey, it's as fun as Dead Empire: Zombie War. The main goal is to eat as many civilians as possible to increase your zombie army while ensuring you gather all the bonuses and not die.

It's a familiar mechanic of jumping and avoiding obstacles like falling into the abyss or facing a bomb. The developer Mobigame continuously updates the app, keeping the game a favorite amongst players.

Easy to control yet intense

As zombies run, you need to pace yourself to get the taps and their length right not to lose your zombie horde. You'll encounter pedestrians to eat, coins to gather, and interruptions on the road. Other obstacles include cars, planes, and bombs. Whenever you see a block with a question mark, jump at it to gather different power-ups. The reward can vary from a dragon to a quarterback. The longer you play, the more bonuses you will find.

Zombie Tsunami hack

Although the game is free, earning diamonds, saving a run, and doing other actions in the game cost you time watching plenty of ads. This is the main reason players might want to search for a code or a hack to help them get through the levels without interruptions.

A simple internet search will find you several mods for getting unlimited money or earning free diamonds. The usual drill is to download the APK and set it up on the game. Remember that these are risky solutions, as apps downloaded from third-party websites might contain viruses.

Development and ownership

Zombie Tsunami was released in May 2012 (first as Zombie Carnaval, then later renamed) by Mobigame. The developer also released games like EDGE, Truckers Delight, and Perfect Cell. At the time of this review, Zombie Tsunami has a score of 4.4 in Google Play, and the player reviews are mostly positive.

Our take

Zombie Tsunami is a colorful and fun endless runner, which doesn't cease to impress. Although the game has been released for some time, it still gets updates, bug fixes, and new events. We guarantee that zombie game enthusiasts won't get bored.

Should I download it?

Yes. Zombie Tsunami is exciting and intense. If you're ready to spend some time with citizen-eating creatures and unlock new challenges, this game will keep you entertained.


  • Fun and colorful
  • Continuous updates
  • Android optimization
  • Fantastic bonuses and different power-ups


  • Too many ads

Program available in other languages

Zombie Tsunamifor Android


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