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Massive open-world action-adventure game

Released in 2013 by Gameloft Montreal, Gangstar Vegas is the sixth installment of the Gangstar series. Since its release, it has received mixed reviews from critics but has been praised for its improved graphics and music.

Action-packed storyline

Gangstar has always been known for its fast-paced and action-packed storyline, and Vegas doesn't disappoint.

Nearly five minutes into the game, players are already thrown into the heat of things, taking control of professional MMA fighter Jason Malone. Jason is bribed by a mafia boss, Frank Veliano, to take a diving match against Pietro Holsten. Jason is to fall in the fourth match, but Pietro is knocked out before he can take the dive. Jason is then chased down by Frank and his henchman, only managing to escape with the help of Karen Olsen and queenpin Vera Montello.

Later on, Jason,  now working for Vera,  takes charge in the effort to inflict chaos against Frank, with help from friends new and old.

Improvements from previous games

Despite the mixed reviews regarding the graphics and gameplay, it's evident that there's an improvement from the previous games. Graphics are cleaner and more smooth, with better lighting and textures for character models. The gameplay also shows some improvement, with more fluid parkour actions, better walking and running animations, and more straightforward navigation.

More content

Players can now enjoy free-roaming the streets of Las Vegas and have the option to do multiple side missions. There are over 80 missions and side-activities to choose from, including gang wars, thefts, street racing, and bank robberies. Keeping with the Vegas theme, players can also visit casinos to partake in gambling.

Our take

Gangstar Vegas is an improvement in many ways from its predecessors, but it also has its faults. Gameplay and graphics tend to be laggy. Upon the release, there were constant software updates, and while it all seems to have been resolved, the game's reputation suffered because of it. However, it's still a good game and worth a play-through.

Should you download it?

If you're a fan of the Gangstar series, there's no reason why to avoid this installment. Despite the negative reviews, Vegas stays true to the Gangstar series theme and should be played by fans, old and new alike. If you enjoyed this gameplay, you can try Gangstar New Orleans and MadOut2 Big City Online.


  • Free-to-play
  • Improved graphics & gameplay
  • Larger map and more missions


  • The game tends to lag during certain animations

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