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Brave the ocean waves

Raft is a unique spin on the popular survival game genre. You’ll use your hook to fish up items, dive to find resources, and avoid the man-eating shark.

Sink or swim...or die

Raft is a survival game that can be played solo or in co-op with your friends, providing unique challenges in each mode.

The survival game genre is overpopulated by unoriginal ideas. However, Raft is not one of those titles. You’ll never encounter dry land, which forces you to continually expand the raft, go fishing, or dive for resources.

You can play this game alone or with friends in co-op. There is only one raft, which sadly disables any competitive aspect one might hope to find. However, with a little bit of ingenuity, the game can be played in a variety of styles.

Starvation and thirst threaten to end the life that’s started moments after creating a game. If you want to survive, you have no choice except to build and expand your raft. With time and dedication, you can create a villa upon the sea.

With no land around, the only way to gather resources at the start of the game is by fishing with your hook. The hook can bring you fish, building supplies, or other debris.

However, the game can quickly become repetitive as you’ll fish for supplies, waiting for parts you need. While this may be an appreciated touch of realism, it adds an unseen layer of difficulty to the game.

Some resources can be found below the water surface. To gather these, you’ll need to swim around the reefs while avoiding the sharks before heading back to your raft.

Where can you run this program?

Raft is available for 64-bit Windows 7 or later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. The experience that you receive while playing Raft is unique but offers building features similar to Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved. However, it doesn’t provide you with as much freedom as a game like Minecraft does.

Our take

Raft is a great take on the survival genre, offering a fresh experience whether you’re playing alone or with friends.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a new survival game that offers a unique spin on the genre, you’ll enjoy this game.


  • Join friends in online co-op
  • Build to survive
  • Use the hook to gather resources
  • Explore the ocean reefs


  • Repetitive

Raftfor Windows


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