Sonic Maniafor Windows



Revival of the beloved classic title

This game brings your favorite blue hedgehog back in his former glory to re-conquer older zones and explore new areas.

Sonic is back and more fun than ever

Lose some rings, make some mistakes, and you’ll find yourself back at the start of the level.

Sonic Mania is what you get when you add some new ingredients to an old recipe. Sure, it’s the same meal, but you can sense a few new flavors with every bite. The spices added to this remake include new levels. This means you can roll through some of your favorites, and explore the fantastic additions. Be ready for a challenge, because the developers pulled no stops here.

Sonic can’t go it alone. In this title, he has some backup in the form of his classic buddies. Tails and Knuckles sprint back into the fight by his side. But that’s not all. Each one of them now has special abilities. Use these abilities at your disposal to transform the classic experience into something new and exciting. Don’t worry, none of the changes will have an effect on your nostalgia. You can play any way you want.

Luckily, the developers still know their audience. There is tons of action and fun to be had here. Once you’ve sped through each zone, you’ll have to take down a boss. There’s no mercy in these fights. Don’t be afraid to play with a friend if you get stuck.

Where can you run this program?

Sonic Mania only runs on the Windows operating system. If you’ve got a Windows 7, or higher, you’re ready to play.

Is there a better alternative?

Sonic is one of a kind. Speed and momentum are just two things that separate this title from so many others. There is nothing that even comes close.

Our take

Sonic Mania is, simply put, a classic with a few new touches. It’s got everything you want packed into short levels and simple gameplay.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should definitely give Sonic Mania a try. You might want to retake that nostalgic experience or fly through new levels. Either way, it’s a great game.


  • Brand new zones
  • Improvements to the classic formula
  • Online multiplayer
  • Characters have special moves


  • Newer players might struggle
  • Difficult bosses
  • Lazy soundtrack

Program available in other languages

Sonic Maniafor Windows


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