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QQ Messengerfor Windows


Great features for messaging

QQ Messenger is a widely known IM app that has great features such as texting, voice, and video calls. It has the capability of sharing large files and making group chats.

Chat worldwide for free on this very popular messaging app

Multi-platform support and the possibility to access the app from a computer, are must-have features of any modern texting app

QQ is a product of one of Asia’s largest known communication companies, Tencent. With over 820 million users, this is one of the top messaging apps in China, and it has quickly become a popular app around the globe.

With QQ you can create a group chat with your friends. The option to create groups is a handy function that helps you break down your contacts into subgroups, and quickly sort them according to task and priority. Change your status, notify your friends that you’re ready to converse or that you don’t want to be disturbed right now. This feature will be an asset to any messenger with no exception.

QQ has a relatively simple design, although not quite up to modern standards. However, it does help you settle into the app quickly and place all necessary control elements within your reach.

You can also transfer files, make audio or video calls, check your mail and even share your screen with a contact. With QQ you have a lot of functionality options which make the experience a lot smoother.

To help your friends, use the Integrated Remote assistance tool, or resolve problems for your customers as this feature grants you access to the other person’s desktop.

Where can you run this program?

It is available on any device that has iOS, Windows 7 and up, and Android. It also has the option to view your mobile app on your desktop.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there are a lot of IM apps on the market. The only thing that stands out about this one is the ability to share pretty large files. You can find similar apps on the store.

Our take

QQ is an instant messaging app. You communicate with your friends individually or via a group chat. Apart from that, you can share voice messages, video calls, and files. It's easy to download and internationally used.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a simple app to communicate with staff, friends, or customers, you sure should get it. 


  • Clear and nicely designed interface
  • Has a lot of customization options
  • It offers all the chat formats
  • Large file sharing feature


  • Sometimes hard to add contacts
  • Difficult to change languages
  • Not too popular outside of Asia

QQ Messengerfor Windows

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