Planetside 2for Windows


A massively multiplayer online shooter

Planetside 2 revolves around various powerful factions engaging in large scale battles on giant maps.

Drop into battle

Team up with a literal army of fellow soldiers to fight for victory on expansive maps.

Various factions dot the battlefield while vying for victory. Each of these has its own unique weaponry, vehicles, and styles of play. Victory rides on decisions to push or hold different positions. While fighting on one of the three possible battlefields, this game keeps you on the edge of your seat. Your eyes will constantly dart in all directions, always expecting enemies to attack from ground, air, or sea.

The twitchy combat and amazing bullet physics demand lightning reflexes from each and every player. There’s no room for slow strategy here. You’re either rushing in or standing your ground against an onslaught by another faction. The option to play solo or in a squad allows for a different flow in each match.

There’s something for everyone here. This is true considering how much player customization is allowed. If you want to be a field scout, and quickly advance on certain positions to inform your teammates, you can do it. If you prefer heavy weaponry and watching your enemies flee in terror, go ahead and grab the big guns. Some players might consider an anti-tank build, assisting your faction by knocking out pesky vehicles. Whatever your style, you’re covered here.

Where can you run this program?

Planetside 2 can run on Windows 7 and later. It is not available on any other platforms.

Is there a better alternative?

Absolutely not. Planetside 2 is in the same boat with other titles like Argo and Last Man Standing, but these titles don’t have the enormous number of simultaneous players on a map.

Our take

This game takes the fantasy of giant, futuristic battles, and makes it a reality. The excellent execution makes this title one of a kind.

Should you download it?

Yes! Download Planetside 2, call up some friends, and fight for your faction.


  • Huge maps
  • 2000 player limit
  • Great visuals
  • Free to play


  • Some bugs
  • Some performance issues
  • Long server wait times

Planetside 2for Windows

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