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Progress by starting over

Life is short. You’re born to die. How will you make the most of it? That’s the concept of One Hour One Life, where each death is permanent and you live for only an hour.

Create a lineage

Here is a survival multiplayer title with simple gameplay and graphics where each minute adds one year to your life until you pass away. 

Some games, including this one, use perma-death to express the weight of mortality, forcing you to start the game again. But, in OHOL, you can create a legacy after you pass away if you survive long enough and do everything right. In this case, you'll have to make every minute count.

This title offers straightforward gameplay. It places you in a world with other players involved in a struggle to survive. You start out as an infant with little capacity to produce or help those around you. As each minute goes by, you age one year. Once you’re old enough, you must take the mantle of your small tribe and provide for new players. Once you die, hopefully of old age, you start the cycle over again.

Succeeding through each life leaves you with a rewarding feeling, but you’ll find yourself asking “what next?” after a few lives in the game. Fortunately, the consistent updates keep the gameplay interesting.

However, the graphics in the game are basic and could use some serious improvements. Also, the simple gameplay is accompanied by an overly complicated crafting system that will confuse new players. Add the poor controls and occasional lag to the mix, and you’ve conjured a game that still requires a bit of work.

Where can you run this program?

One Hour One Life is available for Windows XP and up.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. This game may offer a unique idea, but it still needs some polishing before it shines. Don’t Starve Together is a similar game, although death is not permanent. You create a world with you and your friends, and try to survive without going insane.

Our take

This game is pretty good. It needs a decent amount of work before it is truly noteworthy, but it can provide a couple of hours worth of entertainment.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a few hours of great fun, this is a pretty decent choice.


  • Original concept
  • Rewarding progression
  • Constant updates
  • Simple gameplay


  • Basic graphics
  • Difficult start
  • Poor controls
  • Issues with lag

One Hour One Lifefor Windows


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