Virtual soccer game for Windows

Developed by gaming giant Konami, PES 2019 is a realistic game designed for players who enjoy a challenge. The Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series has been around since 1995. Soccer fans have called for another edition year after year, and PES 2019 is no different in that respect. 

Brand new features

Konami has always done brilliantly with their games—making them smoother and more graphically excellent than the last. Several other features have also been improved, including more intricate passing mechanics, lifelike character movements, and greater fluidity on the field. They’ve also introduced eleven new skill traits.

David Beckham and many other soccer players have found their way into the PES 2019 myClub.


Every soccer fan would agree that a highlight of any virtual soccer game is multiplayer. PES 2019 offers players both local and online multiplayer. You can compete with the top virtual soccer players in the world and make a name for yourself. Go up against your friends to determine who’s the greatest, and have some fun while doing so. The only downside to online multiplayer is that the lagging and connectivity problems are quite common. 

Career mode

Establish yourself as the best PES player with the game’s offline career mode. You’ll have to juggle a couple of complex game features, such as skills training, manager’s trust level, soccer contracts, and player synergy. It is tough to be best; are you up for the challenge? The career mode is available in ‘normal’ and ‘challenging.’ 

Our take

PES 2019 is an excellent game with stunning visuals, intricate mechanics, various features, and intense gameplay. We love being able to play as some of our favorite professional soccer athletes and create our own teams. You may also like to compare it to FIFA 19, a strong competitor of the series. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy soccer and PC gaming, you should download it. Just make sure that your computer can handle the high system game requirements.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Realistic
  • Lots of new features


  • Connectivity and lag issues with online play



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