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A classic soccer game

FIFA 20 is a popular soccer simulation game for Windows PCs and is the 26th installment in the popular series. When you download FIFA 20, you become a part of the global community of soccer fans. While the series has always focused on fast gameplay, this release takes a strategic approach that allows you to build the team of your dreams. Compared to FIFA 21 and eFootballPES 2020, FIFA 20 comes with numerous high-stake matches and tournaments, keeping you engaged in strategic gameplay for hours.

At the first glimpse, the game doesn’t look significantly different from other releases in the series. However, once you indulge in this FIFA game download, you realize the increased level of control on players and gameplay. With FIFA 2020, you immediately feel the difference between various strategies. It lets you take into account injuries, contracts, and other aspects of the game to proceed in global tournaments.

Engaging commentary, stunning visuals, and more

Compared to its predecessors, FIFA 20 evolves in two different ways. The game gives more priority to realism, and gives you unparalleled control over every aspect of the gaming experience. In this installment, you can work with better mechanics, in-game physics, well-executed passes, and decisive moments.

What’s new in FIFA 20?

When you download FIFA 20, you immediately notice some subtle changes. For instance, the title doesn’t overlook the importance of the macro game. Whether it’s about dealing with other team managers or boosting the morale of your players, you become a part of everything going behind the scenes. If you take the role of the team manager, you need to negotiate contracts, deal with injuries, manage budgets, and perform other tasks.

What about the controls?

Fortunately, the Windows game comes with familiar controls. You can time your shots, volley, pass, and kick just like in the previous versions of the game. However, you can also learn advanced tricks, such as hugging the sidelines with the directional pad, dropping back the striker, etc. If you hold L2 and R2 while moving the PC’s analog stick, the player will execute some skill moves on his own. This reduces the gap between novice and experienced players.

How’s the gameplay?

With this FIFA game, you definitely notice a difference in the speed of the match. In addition to this, the field space is increased. This has led to a few changes in multiple aspects of the game. For example, players don’t need to focus on getting the fastest footballers in their teams.

While Leroy Sane and Adama Traore are incredibly fast, they won’t be able to carry the weight of the match just on themselves. In this revamped soccer game, even a talented midfielder can overtake a fast player. Moreover, you’ll have to focus more on bluffs and feints to keep defenders confused.

How many modes does FIFA 20 have?

Just like other versions of the game, FIFA 2020 comes with multiple game modes. The Career Mode focuses on the authentic beginnings of the player's career, and lets you indulge in basic gameplay. Volta World allows you to compete against a range of community-created teams in single-player matches.

In FIFA 20, you can indulge in Season Objectives, which offers multiple stadium customization rewards. With time-limited and grouped tasks, you can raise the stakes and come up with rewarding but complex combinations.

For inexperienced players, the soccer game offers the FUT Friendlies mode. With this social mode, the emphasis lies on ‘House Rules’, which can be manually set. This mode takes you straight to gameplay, and is the perfect choice for couch play with friends and family members.

Our Take

If you can look beyond the slow pace of the game, FIFA 20 lets you take a strategic approach with more authenticity and renewed focus. It’s worth mentioning that the revamped system needs a bit of a learning curve. Having said that, the familiar interface of the Windows game helps you enjoy a more immersive, realistic experience.

Should you download it?

This FIFA game download offers a refined experience. If you’re already a fan of the series, this one’s a must download. The demo version is free and gives you a glimpse of what to expect in the paid version of the game.


  • Offers a huge selection of players and teams
  • Comes with a familiar interface
  • Offers life-like visuals and audio
  • Supports multiple tournament options


  • Feels a bit slow

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FIFA 20for Windows


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