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Paid soccer game for Windows

FIFA 22  by Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports) is a soccer game for Windows that puts you in control of a soccer team, much like eFootballPES 2020 and Football Manager 2021. There’s a lengthy career mode that lets you manage a club, taking them from a small club to a massive brand. You’ll also have the chance to play the matches, switching between the players as you attempt to win the league championships.

The new game in the FIFA franchise contains several customization options. There are kits to create for your club, or you can change some of the team mechanics. If you want a personal stadium to play games at home, there’s a new tool to construct one from scratch.

Play your way to the top

When you start FIFA 22’s career mode, you’ll begin with a small club with few supporters. As you win matches and make a name for yourself, you’ll gain fame and fans. You can also play tournaments and online games against A.I. and other gamers, performing your expertise in the offline and online modes.

Manage your club

You’ll have more control over which aspects you can manage in your FIFA 22 club. There are templates for new kits you can work on, giving your team a new look. As the manager, you’re also expected to plan which roles your players will have for each game.

New customizations

There are many new customizations in FIFA 21. For instance, there’s a stadium creator where you can welcome your fans and opponents when you play at home. However, the game brings most of the old features back to the field, making the franchise feel slightly repetitive.

Our take

FIFA 22 is the latest iteration in a long series of soccer games. Fans keep flocking to these titles as EA Sports continues to add new features that the community has been asking for. It also delivers next-gen graphics for consoles, but Windows players will have to settle for similar performance.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a FIFA-series fan who’s interested in building stadiums and trying new features.


  • New kit customizations
  • Superb graphics
  • Detailed career mode
  • Manage your club
  • Create your own stadium


  • Franchise is repetitive

Program available in other languages

FIFA 22for Windows


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