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Cricket 19 is a free sports video game for Windows PC created by Big Ant Studios. This sports game allows you to experience what it feels like to be a professional cricket player. Gameplay includes realistic graphics and effects, all with your favorite cricket players and teams. 

The Gameplay

The game centers around entering life-like international tournaments. 

You can create your own cricket club in the game’s Career Mode. You progress via levels in the game. Each team can earn rewards and perks to boost their overall performance and abilities. With these rewards, your team members can play under any circumstances. To perpetually strengthen your team, you need to continue winning tournaments. 

The Scenario Mode allows players to create their own game scenarios. Users can play real-life historic cricket matches from this mode. Changing the course of the game is simple. Go back to a particular point in time in the game and manipulate your choice of events that took place. It’s an excellent chance for you to experience being on both opposing teams. This feature lets you lead each match towards your desired ending.

Cricket 19 Window requirements

Big Ant Studios designed the game with many improvements from its direct sequel to the famous Ashes Cricket 17. There are new gameplay modes, and players have the option to play online or offline. 

The Cricket 19 game only supports a controller, so you need to emulate your keyboard if you’re looking for another input method. This can be done by downloading and installing free software.

Cricket 19’s minimum system requirements are 4 GB of memory, an AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card, an Intel Core i3-3210 CPU, 25GB of storage space, and Windows 7 (x64) or a higher operating system.

Our take

Cricket 19 is nothing short of the best authentic, interactive, and realistic cricket game for you to play that allows you to lead and customize your favorite teams from scratch. The game also enables users to focus on a single cricket player as they begin their rookie journey.

Should you download it?

Yes. If cricket and gaming are something that you enjoy, it’s worth downloading Cricket 19.


  • Graphics are realistic
  • Responsive controls
  • Game modes are challenging and exciting
  • Physics are realistic


  • The Scenario Mode is time-consuming

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Cricket 19for Windows


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