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Soccer simulator sports game

PES has come a long way from the PSOne days with an increasingly more elaborate version. Now you can experience PES, a soccer sports game, on the PC without having to dust off the PSOne.

From humble beginnings

The heritage of PES 2016 has improved over the years. With each rendition, the developers have paved their way to where they are today. This game aims to achieve the title of the ‘Best Sports Game’ worldwide. 

Back to the roots

The series aspires to return to its roots and achieve a recreation of ‘The beautiful game.’ It continues to be an enduring testimony of the value of intrinsic development in both gaming and content creation in general. Going back to its roots presents prime opportunities for the creators to recreate exciting soccer game matches.

PES 2016 game modes

Plenty of game modes are available that will appeal to all types of soccer gamers. The Master’s League lets you choose and manage your team towards the most significant championships. MyClub gives the ability to select players from different teams and challenge others online. 

While you’ll improve your team between matches, online multiplayer isn’t the only available format. You can also play offline against A.I. teams, testing your players in simulated matches until you feel confident of your ability.

Mantras new and old

The creators intend to go back to the “The Pitch is Ours” mantra, leading with Fox Engine. The Master League will be fully redeveloped, and ensure that every facet of the game is reproduced and repolished to its previously shining glory.

Our take

Looking back on the success of the game, this remake, PES 2016 is a good choice. Not only for the fans but for the developers as well. If you’re really into playing soccer games, you may want to try a variety of selections, such as FIFA 20, FIFA 21, eFootballPES 2020, and PES 2019.

Should you download it?

Yes. For anyone who enjoyed the original experience, this recreation is for you.


  • A faithful recreation
  • A repolishing


  • Not innovative

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PES 2016for Windows

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