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Bring your game onto the field

2022 FIFA World Cup won’t be rolling around until a couple of years. Football fans are itching to see their bets take over the field. EA is giving you a chance to experience the thrill and chase of soccer on your own phone even before the season begins.

Grab your virtual cleats and dominate the field.

Experience rolling in the green alongside soccer superstars.

Whether you are more accustomed to buttons or gestures, don’t sweat. Both control options are offered by the game. You can block and steal through whichever way.

Building FIFA Ultimate Teams with Chemistry according to your taste is easy. You can pick different players from 550 soccer teams to build your team up. Battle head to head using Germany’s Manuel Neuer, Argentina’s Paulo Dybala, and more. 

Tactics can be changed before you start a match. Play with a strategy that focuses on attacking, defending, or with a more balanced tactic. Stick with your usual style or experiment to achieve the play you want.

Practice and get closer to your goal to become the best. 

Carry out drills with an AI Trainer in both Amateur and Pro Divison matches to help you sharpen up. But if you crave real competitors, you can do that, too.

Player versus Player came in heavily requested during the game’s Beta version. Now, the app gave gamers what they want. Compete with other players in real-time in an 11v11 game. Invite your friends or other players for a match.

Become a part of leagues once you’ve hit level 5. Chat with up to 32 other players at a time from all over the world. Leagues can collaborate and take on tournaments as a team. This social element in the game makes it more exciting and competitive.

The app also offers shorter gameplays in its VS Attack Mode. Matches that last no longer than 100 seconds can get you to the top of the leaderboard. Each win gets you a chance to reap seasonal rewards.

Where can you run this program?

FIFA Soccer is downloadable in any device with an Android or iOS system.

Is there a better alternative?

Konami released a game that has been competing for the hearts of football fans around the world. PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer lets users match up against their friends and other online users.

Our take

EA has built up an impressively strong hype for the game. The player interaction in this free to play football app is exciting. But other players have expressed distaste for the VIP advantage that paying users receive.

Should you download it?

 Yes. It’s worth the download especially if you and your friends are big football fans. Spending dough isn’t the only way you can progress in the game after all.


  • Players can join forces through leagues
  • Quickplay options are available
  • Engaging graphics and gameplay


  • The card collecting aspect of the game gets boring after a while
  • Pricey in-app purchases
  • Some bugs in the gameplay occur

Program available in other languages

FIFA Soccerfor Android


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