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Launched in August 2018 by CEO John Matze, it currently boasts over 4 million users and is continually growing. It is one of the top social media apps on the Google Play Store and has received high acclaim for its focus on avoiding misinformation.


The free social media platform has grown exponentially owing to its allowance for unbiased, free speech. It found much success after Twitter censorships during the 2020 election period led to an uproar among conservative and right-winged Americans. Many began publicly citing Parler as the alternative to Twitter and praised it for its focus on free speech. It has received a lot of attention to the breaking news.

Using Parler

Although it appears politically centered, Parler is about more than just that. It is open to all types of different topics, including sports, news, and entertainment. Once you create an account, you can customize your profile with your location, photo, background photo, and description. 

The app lets you enjoy different content and breaking news in real-time. It’s quite interactive. You can engage in statements made by community leaders, debate serious (and not so serious) topics, respond to comments or echoes, private message new friends, and share parlays and different media.  

You may find yourself getting caught up in all sorts of different content, including videos, photos, and gifs. 

Best features

Of course, if you want to, you can always create your own community. You don’t even need to worry about bots and spam accounts joining as Parler has a verification system to deal with this. In your community, you’ll be able to apply moderation tools to filter the content.

The app boasts icons that indicate various statuses. For instance, someone with a large following will have a gold icon. Real people will have a red badge. 

Our take

We find that this app is an excellent choice of social media platform. We love the features, and though it is not perfect, we recognize that it is still a young platform. It lacks compared to giants like Twitter and Facebook. That said, it offers something that they don’t seem to. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you support free speech and are looking for a platform to exercise that freedom, this is your app.


  • Free to use
  • Allows unbiased free speech


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