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Bone-Chilling First-Person Home Invasion - Intruder

Intruder is a very short horror game that you can get for free and try out if you are a fan of the genre.. It's perfect for those who like quick and engaging games. The setting is a peaceful house in the countryside, far away from the city. But when night comes, this quiet home turns into a scary place full of surprises. It is for Windows systems.

Very short horror story

Intruder delivers a compact yet intense horror experience, ideal for those with limited gaming time but a strong appetite for suspense and fear. You start your day engaging in mundane activities like eating pizza and grocery shopping, which provides a false sense of normalcy. However, as darkness falls, the game takes a sinister turn.

The scenario pivots sharply as you find yourself needing to fend off an invasion in your new home. This shift from ordinary to extraordinary is designed to keep you on edge, emphasizing survival as the ultimate goal. Here are some key aspects of the game's story:

  • Immersive Setting: The countryside house, while picturesque by day, serves as the backdrop for the horror that unfolds at night.
  • Engaging Tasks: Normal daily tasks serve to heighten the contrast with the night's terror, making the invasion feel more immediate and personal.
  • Narrative Depth: Through interactions with characters, players can piece together the eerie backstory of the house, adding layers to the gameplay.
  • Jump Scares: Prepare for numerous jump scares that enhance the horror element, making each moment in the house increasingly tense.

Despite its engaging storyline, Intruder is notably brief, typically concluding within 10 minutes. This brevity might be appealing to those looking for a quick yet fulfilling gaming experience.

Controls and languages

Intruder is available in English and Turkish, making it accessible to more players. The controls are simple, so anyone can start playing right away, no matter their gaming experience. Here are the main controls:

  • [WASD]: Move
  • [Shift]: Run
  • [CTRL]: Crouch
  • [LMB]: Interact
  • [Q]: Drop
  • [ESC]: Menu

These controls are easy to learn, so you can jump straight into the game and focus on the story and scares, not complicated commands

Intruder is unique because it combines normal daily life with horror elements, offering both surprises and fun. Even though it's a short game, it's packed with quality moments that make it a stand-out choice for fans of horror games. 


  • Great for horror enthusiasts
  • Completely free to play
  • Very controls
  • Story with a twist


  • Hard to understand what to do initially
  • Only 5-10 minutes of gameplay

Program available in other languages

Intruderfor Windows


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