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Arma III is hardest to learn and satisfying shooter game currently available. With its lack of a well-designed tutorial and single-player campaign that will frustrate you for multiple reasons, multiplayer is the mode that will make or break you. This title greatest strength is that they thought of everything, multiple shooting stances, positions, and firing modes. The one drawback is all of those features because it’s a lot to remember.

One of the best open-world shooters out there

Enemies are smarter than allies in this game, and whereas an opponent will use cover and work to flank, teammates will charge headfirst, losing a lot of health in the process.

Arma III is an open-world military combat simulator. The sheer scope of it is awesome because single and multiplayer modes are different, and each has its unique challenges. This game also has two maps; Stratus is one large landmass, and Altis is two subcontinents connected by a landbridge.

When the game starts up, users begin a tutorial, or rather a series of tasks with no real explanation. In this sense the tutorial could be better, maybe something comparable to any other shooter game in existence. After the tutorial, users can play a campaign, but there are discrepancies in the AIs.

Multiplayer despite the steep learning curve is entertaining. Users are forced to work together to accomplish a goal or objective. Clans become important for success in multiplayer modes because of how easy communication becomes. Also because success on a 12 v. 12 map is more dependent on squad-based tactics, it’s best to go into a match with players you regularly play and communicate with.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on computers with a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty WWII and Rainbow 6 Siege are better than Arma III.

Our take

Although there are some issues with this title, overall this game adds a different flavor to the FPS genre.

Should you download it?

Yes. Although there is a steep learning curve, Arma III offers a large scale open-world combat simulation that is like nothing else currently available.

Arma 3for Windows


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