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NieR Reincarnation is a free Android role-playing game developed by Square Enix and Applibot to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary. It presents you with gacha and strategic gameplay, while you travel through the world of dungeons seeking to recover your memory.

Long-awaited non-sequel

Reincarnation takes place in the NieR and NieR: Automata universe, drawing inspiration from the Drakengard series. However, it’s not a sequel, but only another story inside the same world, this time in the Cage realm. 

You take on the role of the White Girl guided by a ghost-like being called Mama. You’ll explore the eerie world with the frightful companion, fight enemies, and progress the storyline to learn the secrets of your past.

Three-in-one gameplay

This game combines role-playing, strategy, and gacha into a surprisingly cohesive narrative. Start investigating the Cage, enhancing weapons, and unlocking recollections on your way. Upgrades are necessary to fight enemies within various memories.  

The strategic element becomes evident in combat. Battles play out in real-time, with a party of three characters, each with unique attacks to help beat the monsters. Some party members are present from the get-go, while you’ll obtain the others through a gacha system.

There are four levels for each combat instrument, known as the Weapon Stories. Strengthening the item lets you trigger them and see the memories of those related to that weapon.

Apart from the main plot, you’ll find character side stories, daily quests, a dungeon mode, and several challenges triggered by stamina.

Stunning design

Reincarnation got its graphics and sound from the expert team who developed the original titles. The visuals look appropriately strange and faded, while the background music massively boosts the game’s immersive qualities. 

Everything runs smoothly on your Android screen, translating the complicated mechanics on smaller smartphone screens.

Our take

Overall, NieR: Reincarnation offers a thoroughly immersive experience from start to finish. The gameplay is a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll get absorbed into the unfolding narrative as soon as you learn the basics.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you played the previous games, this one offers many nostalgic gameplay hours. New players can get a lot from it, too.


  • Immersive storyline
  • Well-developed mechanics
  • Side stories available
  • Stunning design
  • Free to play


  • Control system learning curve

NieR Reincarnationfor Android


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