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Create a superhero in Idle Superpowers

Idle Superpowers is a free-to-play Rogue-like idle RPG themed around superheroes. Design a hero and send them into battle against opponents.

Create your own superhero

Idle Superpowers is a game in which you can create your own pint-sized superhero who will do battle against villains. This all comes with a cartoonish twist, as the heroes and villains alike are cutely-designed, egg-shaped characters. You can send your hero on challenges and earn upgrades and rare equipment to boost your performance in your next set of battles. The fights themselves are extremely comical, with dramatic music swelling over the pixelated action as the tiny characters aim blows at each other.

Earn equipment and upgrades

The game uses a fairly complex RPG system for battles, with strength, vitality, agility, and dexterity each playing a part to ensure who comes out on top, but as the game is an idle RPG, you will be able to sit back and let the fights sort themselves out. The player's main interaction is to buy statistical upgrades, combine superpowers and use strategy to ensure that your hero is the winner.

Our take

Despite being outwardly simplistic, Idle Superpowers has a reasonable degree of variety thanks to more than 99 unlockable superpowers and a feature that ensures random generation of powers. Features such as these add a significant amount of variety and replay value to a title that, at first glance, looks as though it has little to offer in terms of gameplay.

Should you download it?

The graphics are limited, and so anyone hoping for more conventional superhero gaming would be better off choosing something like Marvel Contest of Champions or Marvel Duel. But for those who appreciate an accessible game with a sense of humor, Idle Superpowers will be just the thing, particularly if you want a game that can run in the background.


  • Accessible gameplay
  • More than 99 unlockable powers
  • Appropriate for all ages


  • Very basic graphics
  • Limited character design options

Idle Superpowersfor Android


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