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Free mobile fantasy RPG game

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free strategy, fantasy RPG game on Android with similar elements to Summoner’s War, AFK Arena, and Clash of Clans. You’ll play with champions in factions as you complete quests for loot and prizes. There are also several epic boss battles for you to enjoy.

What is RAID: Shadow Legends?

Welcome to Teleria where you will spend all your time gaming. There are 13 factions for you to choose from, each with different qualities. With so many champions at your disposal, a possible 1 million builds exist for you to explore and use against your opponents.

The top aspect is the deep RPG elements and the fantasy lore within RAID: Shadow Legends. You’ll need to defend your bastion while surviving the intense battles that take place. There are also several in-game missions and PVE features that will keep you busy for months on end.

Can you play RAID: Shadow Legends offline?

The developer designed RAID: Shadow Legends as a competitive online multiplayer game. Therefore, you’ll need a constant internet connection to play it and download new assets. A single-player mode is available for you to enjoy, but it’s connected to the online server.

Is Raid: Shadow Legends Pay to Win?

The fantasy game provides numerous in-app purchases, and it will dangle several offers on a daily basis. While you don’t need to spend any money to play the game, other players who buy bundles and special items will have the edge over you. This feature effectively makes it a pay-to-win title.

Our take

RAID: Shadow Legends is an exceptional title for gamers that love strategy, fantasy, and role-playing elements. You can build your armies to conquer your foes or defend the castle. The artwork is fantastic, and you’ll find yourself enwrapped in completing quests and upgrading your champions.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re into the fantasy genre and enjoy building champions to defeat your enemies. It has detailed graphics that beat most Android games these days, while the gameplay mechanics are addictive. If you don’t like losing against players with deeper pockets, then it may be best to steer clear.


  • Surreal fantasy elements
  • Exceptional graphics quality
  • Detailed storyline and lore
  • Millions of builds and items


  • In-app purchases give players an advantage

RAID: Shadow Legendsfor Android


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