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Super Fighter M - All-Star is a free 3D android APK game designed and developed by Cayman Game Inc. It’s an adventure game that lets you collect a team, save the world, challenge the boss, and battle against other players. The developer used features similar to Super Smash Bros., LEGO Super Mario, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

To have or not to have?

Super Fighter M - All-Stars starts with a proposal from Mario, as he asks Princess Peach to marry him. However, the proposal is interrupted by Bowser, as he brings news that the princess of the mushroom kingdom is in trouble, and Mario needs to save her. Mario is a character from the original Super Mario franchise created by Nintendo. Cayman Games Inc. made Super Fighter M - All-Stars and ripped off features from games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Super Fighter M and Nintendo

Although the Super Fighter M game is easy to download, you need an APK extractor to install the game on your Android device. You can download the game from any other trusted app store or website. However, the game is no longer available on Google Play, as it’s an unlicensed game and uses licensed material such as music and characters owned by Nintendo.

Gameplay and features

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll probably enjoy playing the original Super Mario All-Stars game. However, Super Fighter M is an excellent game for the average gamer who just wants to have fun. The game has great graphics and has features that give you an immersive, visual experience.

While playing Super Fighter M, you can interact with a great selection of characters. They include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, and Bowser. One of the villains is even an evil version of Mario. One thing that Cayman has done differently is that some of the supporting characters have their own voice lines. 

Our take

The game is fun for kids, beginners, and average gamers. However, hardcore gamers will immediately spot the similarities to the Super Mario franchise and the lack of originality. We didn’t enjoy the game but must say the game does have some fantastic graphics. 

Should you download it?

We would say no, but the choice is yours. The game is excellent but needs a lot of work and original content.


  • The game is free
  • Excellent graphics, gameplay, and visual


  • The game lacks originality
  • You need an APK extractor to install the game

Super Fighter Mfor Android


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