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Free open-world MMORPG

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) by Pearl Abyss is a free smartphone adaptation of the critically acclaimed MMORPG. It brings unique character, advanced customization, and an immersive world right to your touchscreen, letting you craft weapons, join guilds, and complete quests.

A smartphone release

BDM is a smartphone-optimized adaptation of Black Desert Online, a popular South Korean video game. The mobile title is now available worldwide, with all the much-loved elements to portable devices. 

However, the game is more than a port of the PC version. While the Android version keeps the classes, setting, and popular art style, it offers a revamped experience for mobile gamers. It’s not a pay-to-win game either, although there are some microtransactions to strengthen your character and facilitate gameplay. 

In-depth gameplay

You’ll start by naming and creating a character, choosing among six diverse classes, each with a distinct playstyle and unique abilities to master. The game leaves a surprising amount of room for character appearance customization, letting you design an avatar that will pop against the map.

BDM first presents you with a tutorial segment, gradually displaying the controls and mechanics. However, like in Lineage 2: Revolution, you’ll need to grind for a bit before you unlock all the character skills.

Then you’re off on an adventure to build, craft, and fight World Bosses. You can also join a guild and take on quests with other players. 

Stunning graphics

BDM looks fantastic from start to finish, staying true to the PC-quality levels. Each character looks distinct, and the maps immerse you in the fantasy world. Activating an ability or casting a spell triggers flashy animations to engage you with your in-game counterpart.

This game runs smoothly on most modern smartphones thanks to graphics optimization.  Although if you own an older model you might need to keep the settings low to avoid lag during gameplay.

Our take

BDM is surprisingly rich in content for a mobile RPG. High-quality gameplay combined with the massive player base creates a unique, engaging experience for any gamer.

Should you download it?

Yes. Any Black Desert fan will fall in love with this mobile adaptation. Even if unfamiliar with the PC game, the multiplayer title is a must-try for role-playing game fans.


  • Optimized for smartphones
  • Extensive player base
  • Gameplay diversity
  • Fantastic visual design
  • Free to play


  • Demands a constant internet connection
  • Requires some grinding

Black Desert Mobilefor Android


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