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Fantasy role-playing game

Are you new to Monster Hunter and don’t know where to start? Or are you a veteran who wants something to do between bouts with monsters? Monster Hunter Stories is a different playstyle experience that can give you a break from the traditional Monster Hunter way of playing, all while keeping you in the same universe.

Recruit monsters and team up

Form bonds with monsters instead of fighting them, teaming up and fighting against obstacles and foes. Explore the environment that’s been given a new polish. Updated graphics and controls for this version deliver outstanding performance when compared to similar titles.

Delve into an intriguing story

Get hooked on an immersive story that stars a village full of Riders. Three young friends, including you, make a discovery that will change your lives forever. A shining egg! Unsure what it contains, you all play for the Rite of Kinship, creating a bond between you and the egg that will last forever. What hatches out of the egg is a Rathalos, and the story that follows you and Ratha begins.

Absolutely zero in-app purchases

With Monster Hunter Stories, you don’t need to be distracted by microtransactions or any in-app purchases. When you get Monster Hunter Stories, it’s a one-time purchase. The developers themselves have promised to not include in-app purchases in any updates after release, and have held to that promise quite well.

Our take

If you are looking for a different take on the Monster Hunter universe, then this app is for you. It features an entirely different art style than the mainline games, all in the portability of your smartphone. Some might argue that the asking price is too much for an app, but considering that you get a fully developed game upon downloading; it is a bargain!

Should you download it?

If you have the money to download the game and love the Monster Hunter universe, then yes. There are no microtransactions so that the low price is all you’ll need for a full, enjoyable experience. If you enjoy RPG games, you can also try RAID: Shadow Legends.


  • A full game for a small price
  • A portable experience you can take with you on the go
  • No in app purchases
  • Story focused
  • Long playtime


  • Some say the price is too steep

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Monster Hunter Storiesfor Android


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