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Free NBA 2K21 companion app

MyNBA2K21 is a free feature-packed companion app for the NBA 2K21 game on consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. It’s useless if you don’t own the console title, which requires you to purchase it. This application enhances your experience and allows you to scan your face into NBA 2K21.

One of the benefits that make this app a necessity is the ability to earn virtual currency. With your earnings, you can boost your game progress. Other sport game alternatives include Madden NFL Mobile and NBA 2K Mobile Basketball.

Companion app

As MyNBA2K21 is a companion app, you can’t use it without owning the base game on your console. This base game is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and others. 

Since it requires the base game, you’ll need to use your NBA 2K21 login to access the app's features. Anything that happens on the application will sync to your console game over the Internet. You'll need MyNBA2K20 for the previous version of the title.

Scan your face

Using the MyNBA2K21 application, you can scan your face, which changes the appearance of a player on the console game. This method is the easiest way to take a picture for NBA 2K21 since your phone has a camera. The option also adds a personal feel to your gaming experience.

Earn currency

Earning virtual currency is one of the most useful features this app provides, as it speeds up your in-game progress. Credits allow you to upgrade your players and enhance your playthrough. However, this app isn't the only way to earn virtual currency.

Latest news

Another use of the companion app is staying up to date with the latest NBA 2K21 news. This feature also displays upcoming events. The news section updates every day, showing the newest events and the day's schedule.

Our take

The companion app MyNBA2K21 for NBA 2K21 is a great tool that enhances your experience as you play through the game. Earning virtual currency is a great way to boost your team. However, if you want to play basketball on your device, the app's alternative, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball, is the app that you'll want to download. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you play NBA 2K21 on your console, this application is worth installing for the added benefits.


  • Scan your face into the game
  • Earn virtual currency
  • Stay informed on NBA 2K21
  • Connect to your console account


  • Requires logging in every time you use the app

MyNBA2K21for Android

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