Movie Maker Free Video Editorfor Windows



Free Windows-approved video editor

Microsoft developed a free Windows Movie Maker application to cater to budding content creators and give access to raw editing features. The software works with Windows XP and up to Windows 8 operating system. You can upload to the largest social media sites, such as YouTube, with minimal effort. 

Edit with Microsoft

When you download this application, you’ll find that it integrates effortlessly with your current system. Once you open the program, you’ll find an unassuming storyboard view of recent projects. 

Adding footage is a few clicks away. You can also drag and drop the file into the console. Three timelines provide control over the creative process which are Video, Credits/Titles, and Audio Bar.  Drag and drop images, audio files, and video files onto the timeline to start your editing journey. 

Alternative programs

The market for content creation is a fiercely competitive market and Microsoft has tried to capture much of the market with this freeware. Simplicity and intuitive design are desired features and attract more users. Alternatives within the free category include VSDC, Lightworks, HitFilm Express, Filmora, and Movavi. These options offer enhanced tools to create but are developed for easy use. 

Windows Media Maker is available from third-party app providers and on a free license. The program doesn’t offer the available formats to extract videos, unlike its counterparts which is the main deciding factor among users.


The most important feature of an application is how easy it is to use the interface and the Microsoft Media Maker interface has an intuitive UI. It is so great that competitors have tried to emulate similar programs with moderate success — none match Windows.

Our take

Windows offers you an in-house product that makes content generation accessible to beginners. The application is simple to master for users.

Should you download it?

No, we feel that the application is outdated, and the alternatives are a better option.


  • User interface is clean and simple.
  • Under 150 MB


  • No longer available on Microsoft store
  • Not included in Windows 10 OS rollout
  • Editing tools are limited
  • Audio and visuals export formats are restricted

Movie Maker Free Video Editorfor Windows


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