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A hassle-free remote network software

MobaXterm is a powerful terminal software that gives access to a range of remote network tools. This app allows you to continue working on your system from a remote location at your convenience. With the aid of this software, Windows and Linux users can work seamlessly with multiple formats. In simple terms, MobaXterm provides access to a Linux terminal on a Windows PC, allowing you to work with the Linux OS without downloading it on your system.

Compared to UltraViewer, PuTTY, and TeamViewer, MobaXterm download brings multiple and versatile remote network tools to a single application. The empowered terminal contains all the features required to work effectively and efficiently from a remote location. With MobaXterm, you can switch between Linux and Windows instantly, and use all the Unix commands without any issues.

Access a Linux terminal on your PC

MobaXterm is a lightweight, robust, and powerful program packaged with Unix/GNU commands. These features are ideal for most IT administrators, webmasters, developers, and programmers looking to simplify and streamline their remote terminal experience.

The remote network software can be carried in a USB flash drive. As such, it can be installed on any Windows PC to set up a local terminal. You don’t need to download the program separately. 

What can you do with MobaXterm?

MobaXterm comes with an organized and clean interface. However, it can be quite tricky for beginners. After using this program for the first time, you’ll need to carefully go through multiple functionalities and options. Once you have a good understanding of the commands, you can leverage the program’s tools.

MobaXterm features a built-in X11 server, which attracts many programmers and developers. With the multi-tabbed interface, you can execute various tasks simultaneously, and on multiple devices.

When it comes to remote clients, this Linux terminal allows you to create many different types of sessions. For instance, it supports Telnet, SSH, XDMCP, RDP, Rlogin, FTP, Serial, and VNC connections.

Are there any advanced features?

The remote network tool comes with an integrated terminal, which is quite advanced. It runs Unix commands through the bash shell script. In case you wish to view digital images, write code or text, execute directory or file comparisons, or perform other actions, MobaXterm offers dedicated tools for these functions.

The program’s macro recording functionality and session manager make the package even more powerful. You can also indulge in some fun terminal games, which add to the fun factor for a lot of users.

MobaXterm lets you use a unique plugin interface, which can be utilized to add more features to the program. The platform allows you to install a wide range of third-party X and Unix server tools.

With this remote network software, you can work on multiple sessions simultaneously. These get instantly saved on exiting the platform. You can even switch between active sessions and view multiple projects together.

Is MobaXterm a good choice?

It can be complicated to manage and administer multiple computers connected on a single network. Most of the time, such systems need remote connectivity. IT professionals and administrators utilize a range of tools to execute specific actions. However, with MobaXterm, users can enjoy higher productivity.

This Linux terminal is one of the most popular and specialized solutions to use all the required utilities. The package comes with numerous applications, tools, and functions customized for IT developers, programmers, administrators, web designers, and other users working with remote connections. While the interface can seem complicated, it doesn’t take much time to get used to the navigation.

To conclude, it’s quite clear that MobaXterm successfully gives more power to administrators. When it comes to remote device management, it proves to be an excellent choice. The remote network software comes with various customization options, tools, and functionalities, making it a leading choice among IT professionals.

Our Take

MobaXterm is an impressive software, and offers a range of features. In fact, users can install more functionalities into the application. While the interface is slightly complicated, it doesn’t take long to get used to the navigation. The remote network tool functions smoothly on Windows PCs.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! MobaXterm is an excellent choice for improving your terminal experience. The program works well for developers and programmers across the globe, and offers a range of remote network tools.


  • Features multiple third-party tools
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Offers versatile remote network tools


  • Features a complicated interface

Program available in other languages

MobaXtermfor Windows


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