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Free download manager for Windows

Free Download Manager (FDM) for Windows provides you with careful management of your downloads. FDM is exceptionally versatile, being able to resume broken downloads, download batches of files, and throttle download speeds according to one of three user-selected settings. It can also accelerate all kinds of downloads

How can I download with Free Download Manager?

FDM is versatile and quite simple to start. You have ample choice in how you start your downloads. You can drag torrent files or a URL directly into the app and click the ‘plus’ symbol to begin the download. Alternatively, you can copy and paste a URL into the app.

How can I make my Free Download manager faster?

FDM has a three-level throttling feature for this. The levels are light, medium, and heavy, and they are highly customizable. This means that Free Download Manager will slow down or speed up your internet bandwidth according to the chosen traffic mode. It even has a ‘Snail’ mode, which slows your downloads to free up bandwidth for other online tasks.

Is Free Download Manager safe?

FDM used to be a proprietary software but was subsequently released as a free program under the General Public License. This means that other distributors can bundle it with less reliable programs, potentially causing you problems. Therefore, it’s best to download FDM directly from the developer’s website rather than to take risks by getting it from other sources.

Are Download Managers worth it?

If you download lots of large files, such as YouTube videos, then a good download manager can be invaluable. It’ll help you keep your downloads organized and manage how much impact they have on your device’s performance. It will also save you time by resuming broken downloads and allowing you to download the same file from numerous sources.

What are the best alternatives to FDM?

For another open-source download manager, 4K Video Downloader is considered one of the best. 

For a powerful paid download manager, Internet Download Manager is hard to beat. It manages to resume downloads even if your device shuts down unexpectedly. There’s a 30-day free trial available, and licenses start at around $12.00 per year.

Our take

Although browsers have improved their download management, they’re still incomparable to specialized download manager software.

FDM has a super range of tools to make your downloading experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Regarding free download managers, FDM is one of the better options we’ve seen.


  • Completely free with no ads or usage limitations
  • Handy bandwidth management utilities
  • One-click torrent downloads


  • Need to be careful if not downloading the app from the developer’s website

Program available in other languages

Free Download Managerfor Windows


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