SolarWinds Wake-On-LANfor Windows


Wake-Up Your Computer Remotely with SolarWinds Wake-On-LAN

SolarWinds Wake-On-LAN is a free program that allows you to control the power of your PC remotely. With Wake-On-LAN technology, you can start up your computer from any location as long as it is compatible with WOL. Whether you are a network administrator managing multiple PCs or a home user who wants to ensure their computer is not left idle, this tool provides a convenient solution.

By utilizing the MAC address of the laptop or PC through the network card, SolarWinds Wake-On-LAN enables you to switch on and switch off your computer remotely. For network administrators, this program is particularly useful in ensuring that entire banks of computers are turned off when not in use. Home users can also benefit from the peace of mind knowing that their PC is not left switched on and consuming unnecessary power.

In summary, SolarWinds Wake-On-LAN is a simple yet effective tool that gives you more control over your PC from remote locations. It is a great option for anyone who needs to manage PCs remotely or wants to avoid leaving their computer on when not in use.

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SolarWinds Wake-On-LANfor Windows

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