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Free open-source torrenting

qBittorrent is created to offer a free and open-source torrenting product. The fact that you can use it on multiple platforms means you’re always able to download your favorite content. 

The author of this program, Christophe Dumez, created a way to access your content offline by saving it locally. You can take full control of the interface, by customizing the themes to even scheduling a download time and day.

What is its purpose?

Minor differences exist when you consider the array of torrent clients. Other applications, like uTorrent, Bittorrent, and Vuze offer the same functionality.  

At its core, the qBittorrent software gives you one of the most user-friendly ways to manage and control your downloadable content. Apart from the basics, you can assign a time that your application retrieves content from the internet. We will run through a few features below to get a handle on the product.

User-Interface and searching 

In order to make your experience as seamless as possible, there’s a minimalistic facade to the program. If you’ve ever tried a torrent downloader before, you should feel completely at home when you see the interface.

A search function is integrated so you can easily search from within the qBittorrent page. This saves you time and frustration if you are switching between different windows and apps to upload or download your content.

The big ideas for torrenting

Bandwidth scheduling makes it straightforward to set the time you want to upload or download data. Bandwidth, in general, has high-traffic and low traffic-times, which depend on external factors. Setting a schedule to download or upload content takes the hassle out of physically being present to start, pause, resume, and stop your torrent.

Forwarding support is a way for private or public computers to interact with other networks. This is key for accessing the data packets needed from the servers they’re stored in. However, while this is essential, it may mean that your devices’ IP address is vulnerable.

Our take

First, it is pertinent to note that when downloading any copyrighted material, you should acquire the requisite permissions and authorizations. 

However, when you are using qBittorrent, you’ll find a comfortable visage and stable framework. Verified updates mean that you have the best functionality and performance available.

Should you download it

Yes. This application offers reliability and stability which are essential for downloading content.


  • Available on almost every platform (desktops, smart devices, etc.)
  • Open-source software
  • No advertisements
  • Free


  • Not available for iOS yet

Program available in other languages

qBittorrentfor Windows


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