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FileSearchy - Search files efficiently

FileSearchy is a handy search tool that makes finding files on your computer easier. It's designed for anyone who uses a Windows PC and helps you quickly search files by their names, contents, sizes, and dates. FileSearchy supports many types of documents and is easy to use, making it a great choice for both everyday and advanced users.

Search files easily

FileSearchy transforms the task of file searching into a swift and effortless operation. Its ability to provide real-time searches by file name sets it apart from other file search tools. Moreover, its capability extends beyond simple name searches, accommodating advanced searches based on content strings, file sizes, and modified dates.

One of the standout features of FileSearchy is its quick indexing process. Upon installation, FileSearchy begins to compile a lightweight database of all file names on your computer, enabling you to retrieve any file almost instantaneously. Additionally, its sophisticated content detection algorithm is designed to ignore binary files like software executables, music, and videos, focusing instead on text documents. This makes it an ideal tool for users who need to manage large volumes of documents, such as in office settings or academic environments

Best features of FileSearchy

FileSearchy comes with several features that make finding files a breeze:

  • Instantly find files by name: Quickly find any file by its name without waiting.
  • Non-indexed content search: Look inside files for specific content without preparing the files beforehand.
  • Text highlighting: When you search, FileSearchy highlights your search words in the file names and contents, making it easy to see why these files appeared.
  • Advanced queries: Use more complex searches to narrow down to specific types of files or files modified within a certain time frame.
  • Tabbed user interface: Keep different searches open in separate tabs to easily switch between them without losing track.
  • Explorer integration: Works smoothly with Windows Explorer, enhancing how you manage files with powerful search tools.

FileSearchy is a powerful and efficient tool that improves how you find and manage files on your PC. It's especially useful for professionals who need to handle lots of documents and anyone who wants to make searching for files simpler and faster.


  • Very easy interface
  • Plenty of basic features to cover your needs


  • Can't export results

Program available in other languages

FileSearchyfor Windows


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