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Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus developed by Microsoft. It provides real-time protection for your PC or business PC against malicious software, spyware, and viruses. The antivirus program is supported on Windows 7 and Windows Vista and is easy to install. Once installed, it runs in the background, protecting your PC while you’re working.

System requirements

To install Microsoft Security, make sure you have a strong internet connection to download the latest spyware and virus definitions, and to perform the download and installation. You need a CPU with 1.0 GHz or higher clock speed, and more than 1 GB RAM with at least 200 MB hard disk space available. Also, a VGA display of 800x600 or higher and a working internet browser. 

You can find and download the antivirus from the Microsoft store. When you download the app, make sure you select the correct language preference, then click on ‘Go’ and follow the prompts. 

Microsoft Security Essentials need to know.

The antivirus doesn’t work on other operating systems, only Windows 7 and Vista. If you’re running Windows 8, 10, or higher, your PC will have Windows Defender (a more recent Microsoft Security Essentials version). 

You can’t have any third-party antivirus like Baidu Antivirus, Norton Safe Web, or Smadav antivirus running on your PC, as this can clash with this software. Always make sure you download the antivirus from an official site to make sure you get a trusted version. 

Microsoft Security Essentials is perfectly safe to use, as it defends your PC against malicious software, spyware, and viruses. It can also work on all mobile phones with an Android OS.

Our take

We all need to make sure our data and systems on our PCs and phones are safe at all costs, and Microsoft Security Essentials does just that. It protects against unseen threats.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have a PC with Windows 7, Vista, or a phone with an Android OS, you should definitely download and install Microsoft Security Essentials. 


  • Free and easy to use
  • Requires few system resources, as it runs in the background
  • Easy to download, install, and use
  • No unnecessary pop-ups or add-ons


  • Only works on Windows 7, Vista, and mobile phones with an Android OS
  • Unreliable update times
  • Sometimes you need to manually run your scans
  • If you miss updates, it will force the update within 48-72 hours

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Microsoft Security Essentialsfor Windows


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