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The perfect choice to secure your online activity

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is a comprehensive program to offer complete protection for your business privacy and data. Unlike other similar services, the software comes with a wide range of features to secure your company’s confidential and sensitive information. With a single dashboard for all devices, it’s easy to manage the program’s scans, VPN capability, and other features.

Protect your business from cyber threats

Avast Business Antivirus download comes with everything you need to protect your Windows PC from cyber threats. It has all the features of a high-end antivirus program, and quickly detects issues with the computer. This allows you to prevent malware from affecting your device. The comprehensive scans can be manually or automatically initiated, and ensure complete protection.

In addition to the useful features, Avast for business comes with some additional functionalities. For instance, the program has a sandbox browser, password manager, VPN service, browser clean-up, and WebCam shield.

How does the program secure passwords?

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus has a ‘Master Password’ feature, which is one of the most useful functionalities in the program. A lot of people forget passwords for specific applications. It becomes even more confusing when multiple employees need access to certain apps. 

In order to avoid this issue, you can use the ‘Master Password’ feature, which remembers all the passwords, and syncs everything with multiple devices. With Avast Business Antivirus download, you can conveniently sign into different devices with a single account.

Apart from being efficient, it’s a good way to secure your account. In other words, it allows Avast antivirus download to easily detect suspicious or questionable attempts at accessing your data, device, or account from remote or third-party locations and PCs.

Does the program secure your online sessions?

While a lot of people prefer to use VPN services like X-VPN, NordVPN, and HotspotShield, Avast for business comes with built-in VPN capability. This allows you to access restricted or blocked content online. Additionally, it keeps your connections protected, secure, and anonymous. This can provide your business with additional security against phishing scams and hackers.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus also features a comprehensive WebCam Shield. It alerts users if a website or program tries to access the webcam. With the ‘Browser Cleanup’ feature, the software detects your PC’s cache and removes harmful plugins. Last but not least, the Sandbox Browser can look for suspicious files.

The only drawback is that Avast for business comes with limited malware tools. Also, the program has a cluttered interface for mobile devices, and it wouldn’t be ideal to use the tool on your smartphone. Having said that, the company offers good customer support, and if you face any issues, you can get in touch with a representative via call, email, or chat.

Our take

Avast Antivirus download has always been popular among casual users. With Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus, the company has released a product specifically meant for businesses. The program ensures seamless internet connectivity, and the VPN service keeps your data secure. 

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! The software comes with various advanced features, allowing you to surf the internet without any issues. If you’re looking for a full-fledged, user-friendly, and comprehensive security tool for your business computer, this one will be an excellent choice.


  • Comes with a dashboard for all devices
  • Offers good support
  • Syncs passwords on multiple devices
  • Schedules scans for the PC


  • Limited malware tools

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plusfor Windows


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