Advanced SystemCare Ultimatefor Windows


Free antivirus

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a free antivirus program with a premium option that offers increased protection. The software helps to keep your Windows PC safe from internet threats, clean it, and speed up your system. The premium counterpart is known as Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Pro.

Protect your computer

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is an antivirus software that protects you from viruses, malware, and other sources of malicious code. The app saves you in real-time, scanning and alerting you once an issue has surfaced. 

It keeps your PC safe from many of the recent developments in harmful exploits and malware. These threats include ransomware, spyware, and generic viruses.

Secure private data

The main feature of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is that it creates a protective shield around your personal information, making it incredibly difficult to steal. This shield will keep your security data, personal information, videos, and contacts safe. It also prevents unauthorized programs and hackers from remotely accessing your PC.

Search the web safely

If you want to know whether or not a website is safe, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate can quickly scan it and alert you if it’s dangerous. The software integrates ad prevention, mail detection, anti-tracking, and a homepage advisor. Additionally, the program protects you from phishing scams, invasive tracking methods, and many other common browser-based threats.

System speed-up

Aside from acting as just an antivirus, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate works as a system optimizer that speeds up your Windows PC. The software cleans cached applications such as Steam, Dropbox, Google Chrome, and others. It also provides an internet booster to speed up your web surfing experience. However, this feature can be seen as negative for your computer, as Windows offers a better alternative.

Additional features

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate includes a myriad of other useful features that make it a worthwhile installation. These options include startup optimization, an antivirus database, and real-time protection.

Our take

Overall, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a decent antivirus software that’s safe to use while protecting your PC. The application also has many alternatives, such as Kaspersky and Avast. Unfortunately, the application may be missing a few features, as they belong to the paid version Advanced SystemCare Ultimate premium.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a free or paid antivirus, this application will be a fantastic choice to install and use.


  • Protects your computer and its data
  • Speeds up your system
  • Protects you online
  • Ensure privacy


  • Windows has a better cache cleaner

Advanced SystemCare Ultimatefor Windows

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