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Comprehensive security solution for SMBs

Avast Business Antivirus is a safe cybersecurity software that delivers protection against malware, ransomware, and viruses for small and medium size businesses. Avast Business gives you comprehensive protection against cyberthreats with the behavior, file, mail, and web shields. The shields scan incoming and outgoing content in real-time to guard you from malicious and suspicious activity.

The technology company offers several Avast Business packages: Pro and Pro Plus. The basic Avast Business Antivirus bundle includes a central management hub and antivirus protection, while the Pro and Pro Plus deliver Windows server protection: Exchange and Sharepoint. Additionally, the Pro Plus will keep your confidential information secure with identity security.

Reputable results

Avast is a popular antivirus software company with a vast international customer base. Machine intelligence monitors millions of the endpoints within the Avast network to block malware and virus activity from accessing your device. Since the artificial intelligence robotics have exposure to a large number of threats, the AI learns the cyberattack tactics to restrict each malware and virus variation.

Avast Business will record detected variants into whitelists to prevent and predict future attacks. A CyberCapture feature screens files in a separate virtual environment before scanning the content through the shields. Programs will be checked by the behavior layer to make sure that installations do not contain dangerous code. The mail endpoint security will verify whether the emails are free of malware.

An antispam feature keeps inboxes clean from phishing scams and SPAM emails that try to steal private data: passwords, SSN, etc. The file shield will scan for malware when you open documents. Avast Business Antivirus will maintain your Wi-Fi network security by checking website URLs before you connect. Additionally, the Wi-Fi Inspector will examine device, network, and router settings for potential vulnerabilities.

DNS hijacking is prevented by filtering websites to display only real sites. You can activate a security browser extension to create additional privacy by blocking ads and checking websites. A firewall serves as a powerful layer after your actions get filtered through the shields.

Applications, settings, and downloaded add-ons are scanned for malware with SmartScan. If you have a USB with a clean version of your operating system, then Avast can boot your PC with the Rescue Disk element.

Our take

Since the expert systems within the immense Avast network track cyberthreat movements, Avast Business Antivirus customers get considerable protection. Items will be extensively filtered before your device gets in contact with the content: emails, files, websites, etc. While the application does not require ongoing management, you can control commands within the business hub user interface.

Should you download it?

The Avast Business model of ‘set it and forget it’ is appealing to bustling small and medium company size owners. If you are looking for a basic yet robust security software, then Avast Business Antivirus is good endpoint protection from a reputable company.


  • Easy to use
  • Central hub
  • Large user network
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Predictive machine learning


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