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Kaspersky Total Security - A popular antivirus software

Kaspersky Total Security is a complete solution designed to enhance cybersecurity, whether you're shopping online, managing finances, or just keeping your family safe on the internet. This software offers a wide range of protective features and is one of the most popular in the field of computer security. You can download this version on your Windows PC.

Stay safe all the time

Kaspersky Total Security is known for its broad approach to security, designed to protect various parts of your digital life. Its easy-to-use interface is divided into several important areas:

  • My Computer Protection: This is the main part of the software that fights off viruses and other threats.
  • My Backup and My System Tune-Up: These tools help you keep your data safe and make your computer run smoother.
  • My Parental Control: This feature is great for parents. It lets you control what your kids can see online and keeps track of their internet use.
  • My Encryption and My Virtual Keyboard: These help keep your data safe from hackers and protect your keystrokes from being tracked.
  • My Password Manager: This tool keeps all your passwords safe and makes it easy to log into websites.

Top-notch security features

Kaspersky Total Security includes several key features to keep you safe:

  • Real-Time Antivirus Protection: It constantly checks your computer for threats like viruses and spyware.
  • Firewall: This is like a barrier that stops hackers and harmful software from getting into your computer.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): This keeps your online actions private and safe, which is very important today.
  • Password Manager: This is a secure place for all your passwords, making it easier and safer to use the internet.
  • Parental Controls: This feature helps make the internet a safer place for kids by blocking bad content and tracking what they do online.

There are also extra features that boost your safety:

  • Safe Money Technology: Makes sure your online shopping and banking are secure.
  • Data Encryption and Backup: Keeps your important files safe and backed up.
  • PC Cleaner: Helps clean up unnecessary files to speed up your computer.
  • Privacy Protection: Keeps people from accessing your webcam and blocks risky apps.
  • Secure Connection Alerts: Warns you about unsafe Wi-Fi connections and suggests using a secure VPN.

Kaspersky Total Security provides a strong security setup against viruses, as well as for improving your privacy and managing your digital habits effectively. It's a solid choice if you have a computer that can handle it and want comprehensive protection for your digital life.


  • Ensures safety online and offline
  • VPN feature
  • Real-Time antivirus protection
  • Offers parental controls


  • Not free
  • Not very cheap either
  • Not the best option for low-end PCs

Program available in other languages

Kaspersky Total Securityfor Windows

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