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A lightweight Operating System

Lubuntu is one of the official versions of the Ubuntu operating system, designed with low system requirements. The idea behind it is that it should be light on resources.

An operating system for everyone

Such a fast and lightweight program which comes at a low cost has surprisingly few drawbacks.

Ubuntu users get to enjoy many flavors of the operating system and choose between them for different reasons. Lubuntu is most often the choice for resurrecting old PCs, as it can run on very low RAM.

The desktop comes in the standard layout everyone’s used to, but Lubuntu isn’t simple. It comes with a wide variety of applications covering most of the daily needs any user may have. An office suite, a PDF reader, multimedia players, image editors and more.

Lubuntu is designed to be light and easy to use. As such, it keeps the aesthetics simple, so it doesn’t take up unnecessary resources. To enhance its main selling point, Lubuntu replaces all usual Ubuntu apps with their lightweight versions. While some features get lost in this transition, the base functions remain the same.

This operating system also offers a Notebook Desktop to which you can switch as you log in. This view comes with files thematically sorted into tabs by topic - you will see this instead of your desktop. It is not polished, either, but it’s well-organized, and some users might find it even more straightforward. The biggest drawback one people often mention is that their wireless cards won’t work properly in this system.

Where can you run this program?

As an extension of Ubuntu, this software best matches Linux devices. However, there are Windows and Mac options available as well.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Xubuntu is a similarly light and approachable operating system which works well on older devices.

Our take

A straightforward and beginner-friendly operating system, Lubuntu offers comfort and flexibility of use, instead of flashy, cutting-edge technology. It does an excellent job in that field.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you have an older model of a device sitting around that you would like to utilize.


  • Easy to utilize and customize
  • Uses very little RAM
  • Comes with ‘light’ app versions
  • Notebook View is well organized


  • Doesn’t support all Ubuntu apps
  • The interface looks rudimentary
  • Doesn’t get a lot of updates

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lubuntufor Windows


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