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A powerful system optimizer for PCs

Advanced SystemCare is a comprehensive solution, which aims to optimize your Windows computer’s performance. It cleans unnecessary, misaligned, and corrupted files. This makes the system faster and more efficient. With Advanced SystemCare download, you can scan and analyze the PC’s performance, thereby getting a list of issues that could be fixed. Additionally, the software works like a Driver Booster, ensuring you aren’t worried about the system’s slow internet speed or crashes.

Keep your Windows PC in perfect order

In the last few years, technology has advanced, and you can use software for all kinds of purposes. While using a computer, you often ignore the importance of proper maintenance and optimization. As such, in the long run, this can affect the system’s performance, and lead to various issues, including crashes, lags, slow speed, etc.

With Advanced SystemCare, you can easily identify and remove temporary or junk files, unwanted software, corrupt registry entries, and other issues. The program comes with a wide range of features and tools to boost the PC’s performance without requiring technical skills or knowledge.

Is Advanced SystemCare easy to use?

Like WinDirStat and HWMonitor, Advanced SystemCare features a simple and clean interface. You can easily navigate through multiple features within seconds. Everything has been properly categorized into different sections. Just a glance can help you understand a feature’s usage and capability. From the different sections, you can choose to improve the PC’s performance, conduct cleaning operations, update apps and software, and ensure protection for installed apps.

Does Advanced SystemCare need technical skills?

When it comes to optimizing your computer, a simple and straightforward solution is always the best. With a good set of tools, Advanced SystemCare can scan, detect, and fix issues promptly. Moreover, the program provides you with detailed information about each task. Apart from the detection transparency, you can also select certain categories to be optimized or cleaned. This depends on your requirements and the specific operation.

Does Advanced SystemCare have advanced features?

In case you need extra features, you can access the ‘Toolbox’ category for advanced options. This helps you perform a wide range of tasks. For instance, you can check the hard drive’s health, fix corrupt shortcuts, deactivate certain apps, and defragment the registry. Additionally, Advanced SystemCare download lets you manage files and folders. You can identify empty folders, delete duplicate files, undelete files, or check the ones that occupy a huge amount of space on the hard drive.

While programs like Open Hardware Monitor and Driver Booster Free offer a limited set of features, Advanced SystemCare has a Pro version to access better functionalities. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, in-depth solution, the Pro version will be a great choice. This version of the program comes with a registry cleaner optimized for deep scanning. It also allows you to control the allotted RAM automatically and substantially improves the PC’s performance. On the security front, the Pro version of Advanced SystemCare offers complete protection, including automatic cleanups of threats, malware protection, and better privacy control.

For a long time, Advanced SystemCare has been known to maintain high standards of PC optimization and cleaning. The latest version of the program comes with a wide range of advanced features and tools. The program is a consistent and powerful solution for people looking to repair and maintain their PCs. If you already use a Windows 10 PC, this is a good download to ensure faster, better, and secure performance.

Our take

With a tool like Advanced SystemCare, you can cut out much of the work required to optimize a PC. Whether it’s startup optimization or cleaning of unwanted files in the database, this software will perform all the functions within seconds. In the meantime, you can pay attention to other pressing matters or continue working on other projects. For simple usage, the free version is an ideal choice, while you might want to consider the Pro version for comprehensive tasks.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should! Designed and developed by IObit, Advanced SystemCare is an excellent choice. While the program doesn’t offer good customer support, users rarely need any help with installation or troubleshooting. It’s a straightforward tool that does a good job of ensuring improved system performance and security. Without a doubt, it will be a useful program for your Windows PC, and should be used often for cleanups, maintenance, and repair.


  • Looks good
  • Easy to see various options and fixes
  • Pro options clearly marked
  • Doesn’t bug you to scan


  • Very slow to install
  • Offers extra programs in installation
  • Won’t fix all of the problems it finds

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Advanced SystemCarefor Windows

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