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Interactive LEGO companion app

LEGO Super Mario is a free smartphone companion app for the company’s proprietary franchise sets. It connects your mobile device to your physical setups and provides full 3D construction instructions for every item in this edition that you own. Once you build your pieces, it lets you save and share them as well.

Jumping on the Mario bandwagon

LEGO heavily capitalizes on the advent of smartphone usage, developing apps such as LEGO Life to promote its product. The company also took advantage of the Nintendo pop culture icon, creating a set to awaken nostalgia in all the famous mustached plumber fans. 

The product reimagines classic Mario challenges in the well-known block shapes, building a brand new gameplay experience. Using the app requires at least a Starter Course, though, with the Lego Mario figure featuring a speaker and a built-in LCD screen. With the companion, you get access to a catalog of 3D guides, tips and tricks, and coin-gathering challenges that track your progress.

Easy setup and use

Once you get your set and download the app, setting it up is straightforward. All you need to do is activate Bluetooth and establish a connection. The interface features dozens of instructional videos for every set in the Super Mario collection. You’ll also find weekly challenges that pit you against the community. The UI is colorful and user-friendly, making it easy for children to track their gameplay with a smartphone.

Save and synchronize progress

This app lets you remember all your favorite moments and achievements by saving them to your gallery. Alternatively, you can get included in the community by sharing creations through the highly-secure LEGO ecosystem. If you create an account, you can sync up your progress across various devices and pin creations for easy access.

Our take

Overall, this companion app is an excellent tool for any LEGO fan. Its tricks and tutorials make building a breeze, while the challenges and social features take the experience to the next level.

Should you download it?

Yes, as long as you own a Mario Starter Course or another set from the franchise. It is a fantastic way to make the most out of your LEGO sets and builds upon an already fun and interactive experience for you and your kids.


  • Packed with game challenges
  • Handy tutorials and tips
  • Coin-gathering features


  • Requires a LEGO Mario piece

LEGO Super Mariofor Android


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