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LEGO Super Mario is a digital companion app for your iOS device that offers many building instructions for the LEGO Super Mario playsets. The app provides many features, including guides and tips, that help you create a new map to play through. There’s also a community aspect that keeps you supplied with new levels to put together.

Building instructions

The LEGO Super Mario application contains a large selection of digital instruction guides for building new game levels. You’re able to follow these in real-time and quickly backtrack if needed. These guides can also serve as inspiration for your creations that you can mix with other sets.

Community content

Along with the official guides and tutorials, community-created items and maps offer a unique challenge. Additionally, you can play the weekly event level and have your friends complete it as well.

Syncs across devices

Using your LEGO account, you can sync any data such as favorite items, pictures you’ve shared, and more to another device. Through this method, you won’t lose any progress or favorited items if your phone accidentally breaks.

Share your moments

As there is a community aspect, you can create your own levels and share them for others to play. Additionally, you can take pictures of your setup and your accomplishments to share with the world. This option is a fun way to brag about completing the daily challenge or to show off your challenging course.

The full experience

Unfortunately, if you don’t own the starter set on any of the electronic Mario Characters, your experience with the app will be limited. This limitation is due to the application’s ability to connect to the device and track progress as you play. You’ll also need the set for all of the playable challenges you can build.

Our take

The LEGO Super Mario app is a great companion app to any of the 15+ sets that are available. Alternatively, you can share your community experiences on LEGO® Life and use LEGO® Building Instructions for tutorials. This application extends the playtime of your favorite video game protagonist and his adventure through a brick world.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have the starter set or any other Lego Mario product that includes the electronic character, then this application is a must-have.


  • Build new challenges
  • Browse community created content


    LEGO Super Mariofor iOS


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