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SHEIN is a free online shopping app for Android like AliExpress, Amazon Shopping, and Ajio Online Shopping where you can purchase fashionable clothing. With a primary focus on women, it follows the latest trends worldwide. However, there have been some privacy concerns recently regarding security settings that gave it a bad reputation.

The app has received updates with most of the issues resolved. There are over 20,000 styles you can browse, but the shipping costs can be incredibly high depending on where you live. You can also take advantage of discounts when they become available.

Fashionable online store

If you’re looking to shop for the latest fashions, SHEIN brings many styles to its online store. You can select the clothes and items you want to order, save them, and then pay on a later date. There are also some exclusive perks for women depending on which items you order.

Secure payments

It’s not often you find online payment portals that accept PayPal. Fortunately, this option is available with SHEIN, along with payment options like credit cards. Shoppers can feel safe using this app as the payment methods are secure.

Bad reputation

The one aspect that taints the SHEIN brand is its bad reputation. India has blacklisted this app as there were some security concerns in 2020 when issues were found with its privacy policy. With this said, shoppers need to be cautious and always research before buying over a new application.

Our take

SHEIN is an online shopping app that caters to fashionistas who love purchasing the latest fashionable clothes. With this app, shoppers have access to the latest trends, and have access to a massive amount of selection of styles available at their fingertips with the comfort of their Android devices. 

Whether if the app can be trusted is another matter altogether, so it’s wise to spend some time in the customer reviews to see if the services and privacy issues have been resolved. 

Should you download it?

Yes, but practice caution and double-check if the app delivers to your location.


  • Several payment options
  • Massive variety of clothes
  • Easy to use


  • Has a bad reputation for security settings
  • Banned in India

SHEINfor Android


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