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Finds the best places to eat

If you don't venture out enough, there's no way to find all the hidden gems of your city. With Zomato, you can do just that by following its recommendations of various restaurants across your city.

Restaurants near you

You can use this app to discover great eateries in your area, book a table, order in, and try new meals.

Zomato - Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App lives up to its name remarkably well. There’s a menu for every destination and a few pictures to boot. This way you'll always know what you're getting yourself into before reserving a table or calling for a quick delivery.

The application has its flaws, though. If your mobile device has low signal strength, the app will struggle to pinpoint your location. The interface design can also be cumbersome to navigate, as there is too much information onscreen at times.

From the moment you first launch Zomato, it will provide you with extensive information on nearby restaurants you might have missed before. With the menu option, you can plan out a meal before heading to the location. Whereas other apps might provide similar information, most of the time there are prices attached to each item on this application.

Once you've found that perfect restaurant for a date night, you can quickly reserve a table. This feature is handy as you don't have to open your browser or phone and copy contact information or make a call. This saves time and is one of the best features on Zomato.

If you favor a place you enjoyed, or want to leave feedback, you can use the app to review a restaurant, making it great for food critics. You can also share all your foodie moments and dining pictures, albeit this feature is a bit out of place for a program built to ease the frustrations of dinner reservations and over-the-phone orders.

Where can you run this program?

Zomato is available on Android 5.0 and later. It also runs on iOS 10.0 and up

Is there a better alternative?

No. While there are better ways to order delivery, this is one of the best apps to explore restaurants and make reservations. Uber Eats and Mister D Food are great options for takeout.

Our take

This application is an amazing way to browse your area and try out new cuisine. You can also use it as a handy reservation tool for any occasion. It works as intended, except for a few hiccups with location precision.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a way to find all the best places to eat in your area, this is a great choice.


  • Great restaurant search system
  • Shows location-based eateries
  • Menus on app


  • Struggles to detect location
  • Poor interface design

Program available in other languages

Zomato - Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery Appfor Android


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