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In recent times, most video streaming services have started providing on-demand and original content to subscribers. Some services go a step ahead to become the perfect replacement for your cable subscription. YouTube TV for Android is one of the latter services. With over 70 channels from multiple categories, such as news, entertainment, and sports, the app’s user-friendly interface keeps you engaged with excellent DVR features and fast navigation.

Fast navigation, simple interface, and excellent DVR function!

An amazing app to watch your favorite shows and on-demand content.

Earlier, video streaming services acted as a support system for cable and satellite subscriptions. They didn’t work as a substitute. Times have changed, and YouTube TV allows you to enjoy several shows, live TV, and on-demand content without the use of a set-top-box.

Costing less than the iOS counterpart, the Android app provides you with lots of content as part of the subscription. Moreover, you can watch your favorite shows on several streaming players.

YouTube TV comes with unlimited Cloud DVR storage, which lets you record anything you want to view later. Depending on your location, there are plenty of local broadcast channels, ensuring you don’t miss preferred content.

Quick navigation for enhanced user experience

Regardless of the device you use with YouTube TV, you can enjoy a seamless experience with fast navigation. The interface is clean, intuitive, and simple. With just three tabs on the home screen, you can perform several functions, including search, browse, navigate, and play.

The ‘library’ button gives you quick access to recorded shows and movies. With the ‘home’ button, you can view on-demand content and live channels tailored to your preferences. Using the ‘live’ button, you can scroll through numerous channels available with the subscription.

If you click the ‘search’ icon, you’re taken to a new page, where you can search for specific keywords. This allows you to browse by category, popularity, and channel. YouTube TV tries to retain the simplicity of the popular YouTube service, and does a good job of maintaining a similar interface, navigation, and user experience.

Playing your favorite content and finding new channels is pretty easy on your Android device. In case you already know the channel you want to play, use the ‘browse’ menu to scroll down to the option. If you want to check out something fresh, you can browse the recommendations made by YouTube TV.

In order to personalize your experience, YouTube TV considers the video preferences based on saved categories, previously viewed content, and last viewed content. If you want to watch something different, the app comes with a ‘Try Something New’ category.

Plenty of live TV and local broadcast networks

Like other video streaming subscriptions, YouTube TV comes with a wide range of live channels. Some of the most popular ones include Fox Sports, five ESPN stations, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, FX, and Disney. The service tries to include popular choices from multiple categories like Sports, News, and Entertainment.

As compared to Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and other networks, YouTube TV provides you with several local broadcast channels. For instance, people in New York can enjoy their favorite shows on ABC, Fox, the YES Network, and NBC. YouTube TV goes above and beyond to provide a lot of popular channels in a single subscription.

Unlimited Cloud DVR storage

YouTube TV’s DVR functionality is perhaps the best in the market. While Sling TV runs a DVR function in beta, PlayStation Vue lets you record videos for up to a month. DirecTV doesn’t even offer recording features. With YouTube TV, enjoy unlimited storage space to record your favorite shows on the go. Downloads can be saved for nine months.

YouTube TV’s clean and simple interface allows you to record shows without any hassles. Simply visit the ‘home’ screen, where popular shows can be added to the DVR list with a couple of clicks. Until you ask the service to stop downloads, it automatically records the content of shows added to the list.

Where can you run this program?

For Android, YouTube TV is available for devices that run version 5.0 and above. YouTube TV is also available for a wide range of other devices, including Android TV, Apple TV, Roku OS, Chromecast OS, Xbox One, and Fire TV.

Is there a better alternative?

While YouTube TV is a good choice for a streaming service, there are a few alternatives worth checking out. Hulu Live TV, a close competitor, provides you with several features, over 60 channels, and numerous local networks. You can get an additional subscription to watch on-demand content.

Another good choice is Sling TV, which provides you with several channels based on a-la-carte pricing. The service focuses on personalizing user experience based on preferences.

While both services seem good on paper, none of them come with good DVR features. As compared to YouTube TV’s unlimited Cloud storage, these services offer only 50 hours worth of storage space. Hulu Live TV doesn’t even let you fast-forward content. There’s no other service that beats YouTube TV in this area.

Our take

If you’re tired of the usual cable or satellite subscription, YouTube TV will be the perfect way to enjoy loads of on-demand content and live channels. A wide range of channels, fast navigation, unlimited Cloud DVR, and great customer support make it an ideal choice. Since the price is nominal, there’s absolutely no reason to give this one a miss.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! With YouTube TV’s expanded channel line-up and DVR functionalities, you won’t need any other video streaming service on your Android device. YouTube TV can instantly become the replacement you always needed for a cable or satellite subscription.


  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Excellent DVR features
  • Fast navigation
  • Live previews


  • Not available in all markets
  • Could include more channels

YouTube TV Watch Record Live TVfor Android


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