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Kali Linux: Favorite for many users

Quite different from other Linux distribution platforms, Kali Linux focuses on forensics and security. While it’s a good offering from Offensive Security, some novice Linux users have been installing the platform without much know-how. If you’re comfortable using Linux platforms, it’s safe to say that this one won’t disappoint.A Debian-based Linux Distro (distribution) designed to support ‘ethical’ hacking, digital forensics and penetration testing, Kali Linux comes with reliable FOSS cybersecurity tools, such as Sqlmap, Skipfish, Wireshark, Metasploit Framework, THC-Hydra and more.

Kali Linux features

Kali Linux is renowned for its comprehensive suite of security tools and features designed to aid in network analysis and vulnerability assessment. Among its notable attributes is Kali NetHunter, a groundbreaking project that bridges Kali Linux with Android devices. This initiative, a collaborative effort between the Kali community member "BinkyBear" and Offensive Security, pioneers the realm of Android penetration testing. Kali NetHunter shines with capabilities such as:

  • Wireless 802.11 frame injection, enabling advanced network penetration testing.
  • One-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, simplifying the creation of malicious access points for testing purposes.
  • HID keyboard attacks, reminiscent of Teensy-like operations, and Bad USB MITM attacks, showcasing Kali Linux's adaptability in emulating USB devices for security assessments.

Furthermore, Kali Linux retains the forensic mode from its predecessor, BackTrack. This feature is especially valuable for digital forensics, allowing users to boot into a mode that meticulously avoids interaction with the system’s internal hard drive and swap space, ensuring the integrity of the analysis. Remember that Ubuntu is always another pick you can use.

What makes it a good choice?

Simply put, a Linux Distro is a bundle containing the primary Linux Kernel, default settings, core utilities and applications. Most of the tools can be easily installed on any Linux distribution system, which makes you wonder if Kali Linux offers something special or not.

Unlike other platforms, this one comes pre-packaged with default settings and tools specifically chosen for intended use cases of distribution. Whatever you need to accomplish with Linux, Kali is a special distribution system making things easier.

On a default Kali Linux system, the applications installed clearly focus on security. You also get a set of command-line tools, which aren’t visible from the menu. Core utilities like an image viewer, text editors and calculator are also available. However, the system still lacks any heavyweight productivity tools or office applications.

As an example, let’s just say that it might be surprising to notice the lack of support for an email reader with standard installation. But since Kali Linux is Debian-based, a lot of packages need to be ported. It also means that you can install additional software on your own, and they should work seamlessly.Since it’s based on Debian, the installation process is simple and straightforward. After a default installation, 'root' is the only available user. Most pen-testing tools need super-user permissions, which could eventually be a burden.With an emphasis on security, Kali Linux uses system hooks to disable network services by default. While these hooks allow you to install different services, they don’t give instant access to network parameters, including Bluetooth.Minimal but trusted set of repositories. Considering the goals and aims of Kali Linux, it’s important to maintain the integrity of the system. Developers have kept upstream software sources to an absolute minimum. While a lot of new users are tempted to add extra repositories to sources.list, it can lead to serious risks affecting the system.

Is it legal to download Kali Linux?

Yes, downloading Kali Linux is totally legal. It’s made for people to learn about and improve computer security. It's not the software itself that could be illegal; it's what someone might do with it. Using Kali Linux to break into systems without permission is against the law.

Why hackers don’t use Kali Linux?

Even though Kali Linux has a lot of hacking tools, it’s not really the best choice for people with bad intentions. It's because Kali is designed for ethical hacking—meaning it’s for people who have permission to test systems to make them safer. Kali Linux is built for pros who know how to use these tools correctly and for good reasons.

Kali Linux requirements

To use Kali Linux, you need a computer that meets certain requirements. Here’s a quick list:

  • You need at least 20GB of space on your hard drive, but 50GB is better if you want everything to run smoothly.
  • Your computer should have at least 2GB of RAM, but more is always better.
  • It works on most computers, whether they use Intel or AMD processors.
  • You can install it using a DVD or a USB stick.
  • For the best performance, having a newer processor like an Intel Core i3 or an AMD E1 is a good idea.

Where can you run this program?

Unlike other Linux Distribution systems, this one provides more flexibility. You can easily install Kali Linux as an OS, or choose to boot a Linux ‘live session’ from CD, DVD or USB. Since it supports ‘Encrypted USB Persistence’, it securely saves changes from even a Live USB session to a new partition. The cybersecurity applications bundled with Kali Linux are well-organized. You can even find a ‘Top 10 Security Tools’ category. With a straightforward ‘apt-get’ command, you can effortlessly update the Kali Distro and bundled applications.

Is there a better alternative?

Whether you’re a security professional, trying to build a career in Information Security or just need knowledge of this specific field, it’s important to choose a Linux Distro that best serves the purpose.

With its own software repository, BackBox provides stable versions of several network and system analysis toolkits. The platform uses the XFCE desktop environment and delivers a customizable, effective and fast experience. It’s also backed by a helpful community.

With its own repository, BlackArch has thousands of tools categorized in different groups. It’s an endless list that keeps growing. In case you already use Linux, you can easily set up a comprehensive BlackArch tools collection.

Samurai Web Testing Framework has a unique framework developed with the primary purpose of pen-testing on the web. It comes as a Virtual Machine, backed by VMWare and VirtualBox. Based on Ubuntu, this framework contains some of the best open-source and free tools focusing on attacking and testing websites. You also get a pre-configured Wiki set up, which allows you to store crucial information during penetration tests.

Our take

With a comprehensive set of cyber tools designed to map, stress, enumerate and hack computer systems and networks, Kali Linux is a good choice for every experienced Linux user. All the tools within the system are prioritized and well-organized.

Should you download it?

Well, the answer isn’t simple. Though Kali Linux is an exceptional Linux Distro, it’s not suitable for someone who doesn’t have at least some level of experience in administering a system. In case you’re looking for a simple learning tool, or just need a Linux Distro for general-purpose desktop installation, it’s better to skip this one. However, if you’re studying penetration testing rigorously, or have been involved with professional penetration testing, there’s no better Linux Distro than Kali Linux, at any price.

Regarding installation, you can either install Kali Linux as an OS or boot as a ‘live session’ from CD, DVD or USB. Since the platform supports ‘Encrypted USB Persistence’, you can save changes without worrying about losing data or important information. If your goal is to become a certified professional or improve your existing Linux skills, don’t look anywhere else. This one will be a great choice!


  • Free and open-source
  • Automatic updates available
  • Comprehensive set of cyber tools


  • Mediocre usability
  • Default Gnome desktop theme seems dull
  • Needs extensive experience with Linux

Program available in other languages

Kali Linux Downloadsfor Windows


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