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Incredibox is a paid music application for Android devices to create songs using a beatbox crew. There are eight atmospheres in which you can mix your tunes. You can also record and share your songs with friends and family.

What is Incredibox?

This musical app is both a game and a tool that you can download for Android devices. Some educational programs use this app to teach music development, while others merely enjoy it as a form of entertainment. If you’re competitive by nature, you can share it online to gather votes to become the best beatbox creator!

How do I play Incredibox?

There are seven beatboxers available to select. Incredibox features musical icons that you can dress the members in, which sets the tone for the melody. Your task is to find the best combination of sounds and rhythms before sharing them with the community. They will then vote whether or not they like your song and ranks it against players worldwide.

How can I make my own beat from a song on Incredibox?

Before you begin playing Incredibox, you’ll need to decide which genre you want to use in your beatboxing adventure. You can choose from the following:

  • Alpha: Original soundtrack
  • Little Miss: Hip hop
  • Sunrise: Pop
  • The Love: French house
  • Brazil: Brazilian
  • Alive: Japanese
  • Jeevan: Indian
  • Dystopia: Cyberpunk

Once you have selected the musical environment, you can start placing musical icons on each band member to produce a specific sound.

Is Incredibox appropriate?

Incredibox is entirely safe and entertaining to play for children. Many schools use it to teach music fundamentals, and parents let their teenagers have fun learning how to make songs. The only frustration is when the sounds become repetitive.

Our take

Music lovers worldwide can enjoy mixing the beats with this entertaining app. Sadly, it’s not free, but the game is still worth paying for the fun it provides. With the eight music genres available in the app; it’s a small price to pay.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you love music and want to challenge your friends to see who’s the best beatboxer. For similar apps, you can try MAGIX Music Maker, My Piano, and VRtuos Pro.


  • Mix beats and sounds
  • Challenge your friends in the rankings
  • Choose from different versions


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Incrediboxfor Android


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