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Freemium piano tap game

Magic Tiles 3 is a fun freemium game for music enthusiasts who want the experience of playing the piano. The activity triggers rhythmical patterns through familiar songs and helps to learn pieces in many genres, including classical, jazz, and pop. 

Magic Tiles 3 uses the same mechanics as other similar apps like Piano Tiles or Don't Tap The White Tile. The main goal of the game is to tap on the black keys that pass on the screen.

The joy of playing the piano through correct taps

If you've always wanted to play a specific song or a classic piece, this piano game will give you satisfaction. The screen is divided into four parts, and black squares appear on them. You need to manage and tap the correct spots on time. While it might seem easy, Magic Tiles 3 gets harder to catch up as you progress, as the speed becomes increasingly faster.

Unlock more songs

The objective of this piano game is to play the song well enough to unlock the next level, which grants you a new piece. You also collect coins along the way, which can help unlock levels. Magic Tiles 3 offers in-app purchases that advance you in the game or clear the ads that are forced on the players after each round.


To get around the annoying ads and to be able to earn unlimited money, there's a hack mod you can download, the ‘Mod APK VIP unlocked’. However, it doesn't open all the songs at once; it only helps you to ‘buy your way’ to the required level.

Our take

While Magic Tiles 3 can be entertaining, it has the usual greedy freemium quality. The developer gets cash through endless ads and nudges the players to pay for coins and levels. The game requires an internet connection and a few questionable system permissions for the app to function. In the end, it's just a casual fun game to pass time, and nothing more.

Should I download it?

Depends. If you are ready to buy the premium version to play the songs with no ads, the game might become more entertaining. Otherwise, the ads are too annoying to go through.


  • Exciting rhythmic gameplay
  • Favorite songs from various genres
  • Increasingly challenging speeds
  • Tons of fun while you keep up with the music


  • Too many ads
  • Permission to run at startup

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Magic Tiles 3for Android


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