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Incredibox is a music-making tool in a gaming environment, allowing you to form a team of beatboxers with different sounds and effects. When you select each member, they will sing according to their skill and vocal abilities. You can record your beats and share them with the community for votes.

What is Incredibox?

If you enjoy beatboxing, Incredibox is a music creation app that provides you the setting to take your talents further. You can select one of eight environments, each with a different theme and sounds. Once the round starts, you can choose any of the twenty music icons and five categories to produce your melodies.

Who invented Incredibox?

The developers of Incredibox are three close friends: Allan Durand as the web designer, Romain Delambily as the illustrator, and Paul Malburet as the vocal talent and concept developer. They developed this app during their free time and in fact, Malburet is the voice behind all seven beatboxers.

How do I use Incredibox for free?

Unfortunately, the Incredibox iOS version doesn’t have a free demo version. As the developer indicates, they wanted to ensure a quality product without microtransactions or adverts. Furthermore, the mobile app has more features than the website version and therefore, the only option was to offer the app as a paid purchase.

How do you use Incredibox in the classroom?

Many educators praise Incredibox for how it can be used in the classroom. If you’re wondering how you can do the same, here are a few notes:

  • Crafting a background soundtrack for a video;
  • Teaching rhythm, mixing, and layering in music class;
  • Create online content with beats and raps;
  • Dance with vocabulary and historical events;
  • Use memory association techniques with the melodies.

Our take

Incredibox is a fun, educational tool that you can use at school, work, and home. While it’s similar to MAGIX Music Maker, My Piano, and VRtuos Pro, it has more entertaining elements to it.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy music games where you can earn rewards and challenge other players.


  • Plenty of fun features
  • Challenge your friends
  • Create a unique soundtrack
  • Universal application
  • Provides music education


  • No free version or demo
  • Limited in gameplay

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Incrediboxfor iOS


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