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Incredibox is a music tool and game that features beatbox elements. You select different members for your crew, each one with various sounds and rhymes. The ultimate goal is to win votes from your family and friends towards becoming the best beatboxing band in the world!

What does Incredibox mean?

The game Incredibox refers to a musical app you can use to create different beatboxing songs. You can drag and drop various crew members into place while selecting one of eight simulations. If you do it correctly, you’ll unlock combos and bonuses to improve your song’s ranking.

How do I play Incredibox?

When you start Incredibox, you’ll need to choose one of the eight available environments and five icons per category. These options include effects, music, beats, and voices. You’ll need to drop the music icons at the bottom of the screen onto each member for them to start beatboxing. With trial and error, you will find the best mixture and unlock combos.

How do I record on Incredibox?

Incredibox features a record button that you’ll need to click before you start producing your masterpiece. You’ll have three minutes to add or remove music icons to each of the beatboxers, mixing the sounds as you wish. Once the timer ends, you can save the song and send it online for votes. If you don’t want to share it, you can save the file on your computer.

Is Incredibox appropriate?

There’s no harm in letting your children enjoy this fun musical application. Many parents have credited Incredibox with teaching them how music works and how to put sounds together. It’s also entertaining to watch how they compete with their peers for the best melodies.

Our take

You’ll find Incredibox to be entertaining if you’re looking for a music application to create your beats. While MAGIX Music Maker, My Piano, and VRtuos Pro also let you develop music, they focus on loops or specific musical instruments. The drag-and-drop feature is easier to master.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re wondering what beatboxing is all about and you want to show your hand at being a master.


  • Create your own beatboxing music
  • Record your tunes
  • Share your mixes with the world
  • Challenge other players


  • No free versions available
  • Some versions only available on mobile

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