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Rhythmic escapades with bouncing beasties

My Singing Monsters Thumpies is a premium casual game where the whimsy of music and the joy of rhythm seamlessly blend. This game challenges you to match the beat with a delightful crew of bouncing creatures, the Thumpies, to keep the music alive. Building on the success of the original My Singing Monsters, My Singing Monsters Thumpies is a revamped iteration that jazzes things up with an engaging rhythm-based adventure that tests your timing, reflexes, and musicality.

Harmonize with the Thumpies

My Singing Monsters Thumpies comes alive with an incredible musical score that forms the fun of the experience. You’ll find yourself tapping along as the Thumpies bob and weave in time with the vibrant soundtrack. The Thumpies themselves are a ragtag group of furry monsters, bringing personality and fun to the gameplay, making every bounce and beat a unique encounter. With 26 Thumpies to discover, including some never-before-seen, along with 17 different levels and a whopping 83 stages, there's no shortage of content to keep you thrumming along. The new trophy system challenges you to secure Platinum on every stage, and the game offers an Assist Mode to help you master even the trickiest of songs. Additionally, there's a fun collection of fresh Thumpies costumes to gather.

Fun and engaging

In conclusion, My Singing Monsters Thumpies offers a symphony of fun, combining quirky characters and rhythmic challenges to keep players tapping and jamming for hours. With numerous stages, an array of unique Thumpies, and the addition of Assist Mode and collectible costumes, both the beat masters and the casual gamer will have fun. Keep in mind that the game is only compatible with devices running on updated operating systems.

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My Singing Monsters Thumpiesfor Android

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